99% Vs 53%: Can You Tell the Protest Tumblrs Apart? [Slideshow]

99percent4  99% Vs 53%: Can You Tell the Protest Tumblrs Apart? [Slideshow]

Is this baby in the 99% or the 53%?

We are the 99%!” That’s not just the rallying cry of protesters down on Occupy Wall Street, it’s its own affiliate movement, born on Tumblr September 8th. Started by activists Priscilla Grim and Chris (no last name), it’s become one of OWS’ most visible online communities. Of course, being the biggest also makes it the easiest target for mocking, as evidenced by Buzzfeed’s recent list, “The 12 Most Depressing Photos From ‘We Are the 99%.'”

The site has now inadvertently given Conservatives a way to hit back on the Occupy movement in a cohesive fashion. Welcome to Tumblr’s latest flame-war: “We Are the 53%.”

This is basically the “Get a Job”-ers getting mobilized. As Annie Lowrey from Slate pointed out, the name comes from the idea that only 53% of homes in America pay federal income tax. Their mission statement is a little less clear than the site its ripping from: “Those of us who pay for those of you who whine about all of that… or that… or whatever.”

The 53% Tumblr has the same style has 99%, with people holding up letters in front of their computers explaining how they belong in their respective field. When you come down to it, it gets kind of hard to tell the two Tumblrs apart by just looking at the writing.

Here’s the game: we removed the numbers from the post, now you try to guess by the stories what percent these people put themselves in. It’s fun! And sort of depressing!