99% Vs 53%: Can You Tell the Protest Tumblrs Apart? [Slideshow]


  1. Will says:

    Just another reason to think that a lot of people in the world have no heart. Even if the exact percentages are incorrect, the fact remains that  hard working people are suffering because of circumstances beyond their control which where directly caused by corrupt politicians on both sides and corporate interests. 

    Don’t bother replying to me, I won’t be checking back to see what people think, this is just one mans opinions. 

  2. Robert says:

    I like the direction you went with the article, but unfortunately it’s not as difficult to see the difference as you imply.  With the exception of one picture, the difference between the 99% and 53% were pretty obvious.  The 99% stated the problems, in some cases asked for help, but mostly asked for change to a corrupt system.  The 53% stated the problems, but instead of asking for change, instead quickly and proudly pinned on their badge of stoic acceptance while looking down their nose at anyone that dared want change.  

    The fact that they BOTH have nearly the same problems, but only one group actually says, “This isn’t right.  Something needs to change.” is baffling.  

  3. Katie Proctor says:

    The thing is, most of these 53%ers probably aren’t– if their stories are true, they DON’T owe federal income tax, or not very much, anyway.  And if they ARE paying federal income tax and not getting a full refund… they’re not doing their taxes right.  We don’t tax broke students in this country.

  4. I honestly guessed every single one correctly.  It seems kind of obvious.