Alec Baldwin SMACKDOWN on Ending the Fed on Occupy Wall Street [Video]

Alec Baldwin visits Occupy Wall Street

Naomi Wolf wasn’t the only celebrity to hang out with Occupy Wall Street last night: progressive 1%-er Alec Baldwin showed up down at Zuccotti Park in order to help clean up the streets and grumpily schooling youngsters on Ron Paul-isms. Are we sure he’s not running for mayor?

Wait, was Alec Baldwin sweeping the ground? And getting annoyed, Jack Donaghy-style, at all the Libertarians in the crowd. Quote of the day: “If I could actually find someone who could accurately explain to me how ending the fed would positively or negatively the flow of capital in this country, I would love this.”

As Gothamist noted, Mr. Baldwin was not the first of his brothers to show up at #OWS. Actor Billy Baldwin had previously