All’s Quiet on the “Occupy Fountains” Front

Is anyone occupying Midtown’s fountains?

TimesUp!, a New York  “direct action environmental organization” had big plans for today. They were going for their 3rd annual “fountain ride,” which is exactly what it sounds like: splashing around in public fountains and evading the police. But in solidarity with both Occupy Wall Street and Columbus Day (?), the event was renamed “Occupy Fountains.” And though the event ends in half an hour, so far there hasn’t been much of a ripple about the spectacle on Twitter.
Here was the group’s information on Facebook:

Date: Monday, October 10 · 3:30pm – 5:00pm

Meet at Herald Square (triangular park)
33rd street between 6th Ave and Broadway at northside of triangular park
New York, NY

More info:

This Columbus Day holiday, instead of celebrating the mass genocide of Native Americans, discover the new world… of bonus plazas!
Plenty of fountains on public property for you to occupy and enjoy! Join Timesup! for another fountain ride in 80 degree weather. We will slip on our bathing suits, get on our bicycles and dive into the free, wet and wild world all over mid town!

Here is a video from last year:

See you in the water!

So far, only Jen Doll from the Village Voice has picked up on the story, and we guess everyone is busy freaking out over Kanye West in Zuccotti Park to pay attention to some fountain splashers uptown. If you have any photo or video evidence of this year’s Fountain Occupation, please send them our way! We really want to tell these guys how unhygienic public fountains are these days. Probably even worse than a Wall Street McDonald’s bathroom.

All’s Quiet on the “Occupy Fountains” Front