Apple Predicted Voice-Assisted Tablet Computer With Facetime….In 1987 (VIDEO)

Artist and programmer Andy Baio wrote a post today that is kind of blowing our minds. It’s a promo video for Apple’s Knowledge Navigator. The striking thing? It presages almost all the developments Apple has brought to mobile computing in the last few years.

In fact, according to Mr. Baio, the video predicted that a mobile computing product (much-like the one released today)–a touch-enabled computer with a voice assistant and Facetime–would become a reality in September 16 of 2011, just one month off from today’s announcement.

Just how far ahead is Apple really planning things…


  1. They didn’t predict anything, this was their idea of what a futuristic computing setup might look like, then they made it. That’s not predicting, that’s making a plan of action.

  2. While prescient and a little spooky, this is OBVIOUSLY NOT FROM 1987. For example, the host mentioned Yahoo, which was founded in 1995, nor was their a “web” at all until 5-6 years later.

    My guess would be something more like 1997.

  3. This can help those disabled people a lot I think.