Astor Place Cube Covered in Yarn

dx0ed e1317659307995 Astor Place Cube Covered in Yarn

Photo courtesy of Twitter.

Street artist Agata Olek has struck again, this time covering the cube at Astor Place with a surprisingly snug sweater.

If you’re not familiar with Ms. Olek’s work, she’s the type that can cover the Wall Street bull in yarn and still manage to get a write-up from the Journal. Cooper Union students are sure to get a kick out of this one.

“Knitting is for pussies,” Ms. Olek recently told PBS. “I crochet.”

[via Bowery Boogie]


  1. Artsology .com says:

    Does anyone know how long her publically installed work stays “on” the targeted item? I wonder if individuals try to take them …?

  2. […] – Astor Place Cube Yarn Bombed: Street artist Agata Olek has covered the large cube in New York’s Astor Place — right outside the art and engineering school Cooper Union — with her trademark pink, purple, and black crochet. We hope her design gets to stay awhile before being taken down; everyone (er…everything?) deserves a sweater at the beginning of fall. [Observer] […]