At Opening of Yelp’s New East Coast HQ, Mayor Bloomberg Gives NYC Five Stars

bloombergyelp At Opening of Yelps New East Coast HQ, Mayor Bloomberg Gives NYC Five Stars

Cat that swallowed the startup canary. (via Flickr)

If you haven’t gotten the memo, Mayor Bloomberg is uber-amped about the tech scene. Look over here folks, nothing to see at Zuccotti Park!

Not only has El Bloombito been stopping by tech meetups and demo days, but he’s also christening techie offices. After all, “We just want to change the world” is an easier industry to get behind than “Hey, thanks for that bailout.”

This morning, Mayor Bloomberg and “head nerd” Rachel Sterne, fresh off her Vogue profile, swung by Yelp’s new East Coast headquarters, stationed in Union Square (for maximum local tech cred). According to AM New York, Yelp’s office will house 65 full-time employees, including 20 new ones, including local and brand sales execs plus marketing. (When Valley giants come out East, they tend to bring the sales and marketing side more than the engineers.)

NYC Digital proudly displayed the Mayor’s statements on its Tumblr:

“Yelp’s new office is the latest proof that New York gets five stars as a home of growing and innovative tech companies,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “But we’re working hard to create jobs not only in the tech sector, but also among the small businesses – from restaurants to hardware stores to auto shops – that Yelp users review.”

Small and nimble. Someone’s catching onto the feel good, anti-corporate rhetoric fast. He even left a review of Yelp…on Yelp.