Betabeat Has Started Receiving Submissions to ‘Real Professionals of Silicon Valley’ Reality TV Show

blake Betabeat Has Started Receiving Submissions to Real Professionals of Silicon Valley Reality TV Show


A few weeks ago, we wrote about a new Bravo reality show casting in Silicon Valley. One of the producers had attempted to get Digg founder Kevin Rose to audition; he tweeted a snarky screenshot instead.

Perhaps Betabeat would have better luck. Today we received our first submission for the show, from an employee at a stealthy social gaming company in the Valley. “I nominate BLAKE COMMAGERE to be on ‘The Real Professionals of Silicon Valley,'” Kim Ngo writes. The rest of the pitch:

He is …

– 34 years of age

– He pioneered the social gaming space and built the first games on Facebook (please see  his attached BIO)

– the CEO and Founder of a new social gaming company (which I work for)

– His email is *****.********@******.***

– His phone number is ***-***-****


– Charming

– Witty and FUNNY

– extremely smart

– made for entertainment

– was made for TV

“Also–many are his friends on FB just to read his statuses,” she adds.

We checked out Mr. Commagere’s LinkedIn, where he lists his specialties as “games” and “viral marketing.” The CEO created or worked on several blockbuster Facebook games, his profile says, including Zombies and Vampires. He was also “a key member of the team that created ‘Causes on Facebook’ which has raised over $20 million for various charities on Facebook.” Dude, you’re in!