Bloody Battle on Wall Street: Police Punch, Run Over Protesters [Videos]

protesterleg Bloody Battle on Wall Street: Police Punch, Run Over Protesters [Videos]

A protester's leg caught under police motorcycle

And here are the most disturbing videos you will see from this morning’s Occupy Wall Street protests involving police/protester altercations.

Note of caution: Before crucifying the NYPD, the reports coming in from today’s stand-off involve both the protesters and the police trying to provoke each other into a full-blown riot.

A police officer on a scooter runs over a man’s leg. Screaming ensues. This video is not for the queasy or faint of heart.

And then there’s the tale of Felix Rivera-Pitre, a former dancer who was punched in the face by an officer today. Mr. Rivera-Pitra told Gothamist that he is HIV positive, and that the officer in question should get tested.


  1. Acarey4 says:

    Think that cop should have his ass hung out to dry as he was in the wrong and did it on purpose. He isn’t fit to ware that uniform.

  2. Ghetto Blaster says:

    one person punched, one person run over. Misleading headline.

  3. Agentpolsky says:

    It looks like a set up to me.  I think he stuck his leg under there on purpose.

    1. Anonymous says:

      What an idiotic comment. No one would ever destroy their own foot/ankle “on purpose.”

      1. Guest says:

        Crazies trying to frame the cops would stick there leg wherever to try and start something.

      2. Anonymous says:

        Only a hate-filled sociopath would even say this. Or maybe you’re just a internet sockpuppet for the 1%, hmmm?

      3. theTruth says:

        Yes, we’re all sock puppets, you paranoid jack ass.

      4. Xgempler says:

        i don’t find that remark crazy.  in fact i think that the state of the world today with cameras everywhere and vheicals like youtube and email to distribute them instantly makes people do stupid things out of some desire for their 15 minutes of fame.  couple all this with most peoples busy lives and short attention spans make people quick to judge based on next to no information.  this jerk was lying in the street… what do you think happens when you lay down in the street… you get run over!

      5. theTruth says:

        How the F do you know that his ankle was destroyed?  All I saw was some jackass writhing on the ground.  

      6. why don’t you try lying down the roadside and i’ll run over your ankle with a motorcycle let’s see if you can still say that BS. moron!

      7. Mineralexplorationist says:

        His reaction did seem a bit over the top.  I have personally has my feet and ankles run by both cars and motorcycles so I have tried it, not fun but I don’t recall acting like that.  When being run over the speed and weight make the injury.  The police scooter was not large and the officer had no particular room to make a run.

        As for protesters leaving there common sense behind I would refer you to a man who laid down on a railroad track to protest a munitions train a few years back.  I’m sure he thought the train crew would surly stop for him.  Unfortunately trains don’t stop on a dime, or even on a Wall Street bankroll.  The train was unable to stop in time and the protester lost both legs.  So yes protesters do occasionally stick there legs where they shouldn’t. 

        In the case of the scooter indecent I rather suspect that it was a simple accident and I am amazed there haven’t been more with all the jostling mobs and vehicles in close proximity.        

      8. Xgempler says:

        i agree and furthermore wonder why the guy didn’t sit up and push the bike over to get it off his leg.  perhaps the cameras turned him into an actor rather than a normal person that cares abouot his own health first.

      9. Magginkat says:

        He did sit up & push the motorcyle off….was taken to the hospital where Mr. Mighty cop waits to arrest him after his let is treated for overturning the motorcycle!  I understand that his leg was broken.

      10. superbu says:

        What evidence do you have of this?  Link, please.

    2. Anonymous says:

      You are clearly an idiot.

    3. Magginkat says:


  4. Sickened by brutality says:

    It is stupid for protesters to provoke the cops.

    AND there’s NO excuse for running over (and clearly breaking) that guys leg.  That particular cop should be removed from duty immediately.  A crush injury like that, depending on the level of vascular damage, could result in amputation of that guy’s foot.

  5. Newyorkist says:

    The tweet you link to, alleging that protestors were trying to provoke police, is misleading. I posted it yesterday, not today. It was not a report on any specific incident or protestor, but instead, was
    intended as a general reminder that some in the crowd (possibly even a police officer), at Zuccotti or in a march, might try to incite violence or provoke people. “If you hear/see anyone inciting violence/provoking police,” I wrote, “mic check” them.

  6. Greg says:

    Humans generally learn frOm an early age to stay out of the path of moving vehicles because you can get hurt off killed. Sound like common sense right? Therefore I would conclude that this particular protestor was either inciting the police by laying in the path of this officers scooter or has no common sense. I believe it’s most likely the former.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Or, it more likely is, that the cop deliberately knocked that young man over, and rolled over him with his vehicle.  If it was an accident, the cop would NOT have left him pinned under the wheel while he proceeded to brutalize other demonstrators.

      You’ve drunk the corporate kool-aid far too many times. 

    2. MrsTT says:

      Greg – I believe it’s most likely both!  Intentional and idiotic.

  7. Studiomarko says:

    with this peace – bla – bla – bla protest your system is going to put U away, one by one…

    U need to make them think deeply, start following cops, publishing their little secrets on line, dirty private things, connections…
    get inside their organization and than brake it apart.
    look up for “OTPOR”

  8. Tcpipudp37 says:

    Those cops are fighting themselves. the demonstrators are paid by unions. the cops pay union dues. BWAHAHAHAHA! Tard-city.

  9. Guest says:

    If you watch closely the protesters leg was first under the front tire and then when the shot comes back on him, the back tire is kind of on his leg. As much as that cop probably wanted to run over him, I seriously doubt he ran over his leg with both tires. Looks fake.

    1. Anonymous says:

      The cops had to take the man to the emergency room. Therefore, this was not fake.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Are you f@uk.coming  kidding?  Seems more like your “observation” is fake, so you can create doubt in the minds of people who didn’t see it. 

    3. Anonymous says:

      how did the cop get the guys leg UNDER the wheel unless he did run over him? this isnt fAke

    4. MrsTT says:

      Not exactly an Oscar-worthy performance, is it?  LOL! 

  10. Smash the Nitwits says:

    This waste-oid laid down in the street.  As far as I’m concerned, the cop drove over the wrong end of him.

  11. Commonsense says:

    Only a moron would deliberately provoke the cops.  You lay in the road, you get run over.  End of story.

    1. Mike says:

      if i saw you on the street i would run you over. would you like that? 

  12. Itsnotpeculiar says:

    Oh wait, didn’t Paul McCarthy’s ex wife lose her leg to a police motorcycle in a protest too?  And did well after that.

  13. Whether you choose to believe it or not, the war is coming.  To be honest is is already here.  The more WE THE PEOPLE awaken from our spoon fed “american dream” and break away from the over medication of our society and begin to think clearly and for ourselves, and for each other….the larger our force becomes.  We WILL NOT back down.  We WILL NOT let it go.  We WILL NOT be silenced any longer.  The masses are growing in number and strength.  Keep the truth in all you do and all you ask for and all you demand.   Our tyme is coming, the new age is upon us…be aware, be alert, and be ready.

  14. MrsTT says:

    Oh, my, this is disturbing, but thankfully, it was  this poor guy’s lucky day to have a dozen photographers waiting to snap away the moment he hurled himself to the ground and positioned his leg under that cop’s scooter.  And, gee,  it almost looks like the scooter was already stopped before the guy sarted  screaming … but, nah – that’s not possible, is it?

    Good thing he works for a legal firm, eh?

    1. Seems those dozens of photographers were not very efficient in capturing this “staged’ incident…and I “liked” how the policeman jumped off his bike to control the crowd leaving the young man pinned under the bike.

  15. Adam Shirey says:

    Its time for Civil War. Enough of this peaceful protest crap. We no longer live in 1955. Its time for a sound monetary policy and opportunity for EVERYONE, not just a select few.

  16. Magginkat says:

    Who are the protestors trying to incite a riot?    Some republican trouble makers, perhaps?   I remember reading, just a couple days ago, an article written by a right winger who  bragged about invading the protests for just that reason.   It looks more like the police are inciting this riot.   This police officer should be fired.   He may think that he’s funny but that scumbag should be removed from the police force and never allowed to work in that type job again.   Then maybe he will understand what this protest is about. 

  17. Lenalarry says:

    Don’t the police realize that the protesters are showing up in numbers to protect the rights of police, firemen, teachers and nurses to keep their jobs?  Get a brain, stupid cops, and protect the protesters — you are also of the 99% being ripped off by big business and billionaires (which are only 1% of the people).  But they have the money to buy anyone and all we have is our numbers.  Yet our very numbers scare them.  Stop your brutality, policemen, you may as well be using batons on yourselves, your families, your friends.

  18. Mike says:

    listen to all these disgusting lousy excuses  for human beings proud that that filthy pig ran over a man.

  19. Splint says:

    Saw another video angle on this incident. Total fake. Do people not know that technology is all around them? Makes me question everything else.

  20. NewYorker says:

    Oh, so they provoked each other. Thanks for making that clear that the armed men committing unilateral violent acts are equivalent to the civilians they are assaulting. 

  21. WTF ,unnecessary actions from police, running over a guys foot ,because the goverment n police think that they can do what they want with people ,because of their so call title….let it be one of them n right away the police n goverment make us their targets……actions like this is y so many people dont trust authority.

  22. WOW FUCK DA POLICE says:

    fuck da police

  23. Lukeyramone says:

    I want to see the full footage from these videos.  People don’t just get punched in the face for absolutely no reason. 

  24. In this video the NYPD are clearly the aggressors; something that should not be tolerated…even by Bloomberg.