Bloomberg: Jamie Dimon Pays His Taxes, So Leave Him Alone

mike bloomberg jamie dimon e1318377428225 Bloomberg: Jamie Dimon Pays His Taxes, So Leave Him Alone

I got your back. (Central Park Conservancy)

The Occupy Wall Street protestors took The Observer‘s advice and decided to hit ’em where it hurts: at home. They marched on the Upper East Side today, setting up camp outside the homes of richie riches David Koch, Jamie Dimon, John Paulson and Rupert Murdoch.

At a press conference today, Mayor Bloomberg was asked about the march, and while he continued to uphold the protestors rights to do pretty much as they pleased in the city, he did not appreciate them picking on his neighbors.

“You know, Jamie Dimon is one of the greatest bankers, he’s brought more business to this city than maybe any other banker,” the mayor said of the JP Morgan CEO at the Bronx Library Center off Fordham Road, where he announced a new literacy initiative this afternoon. “To go and pick on him, I don’t know what that achieves. Jamie Dimon is honorable and works very hard and pays his taxes.”

And it was not just the guys at the top of the Wall Street firms the mayor felt were being unfairly singled out: “The majority of people who work in the financial services sector make something like $72,000 a year. They’re hard-working people and just bashing them doesn’t make a lot of sense.”

He seemed to think an Occupy Hollywood protest would be more appropriate. “You know a lot of people make a lot of money, athletes and actors, and other business people,” the mayor said.

Perhaps the marchers were simply too close to home.

Still, even if the mayor was annoyed, he was not showing it. “In terms of what the protestors are doing, you can rest assured we will uphold their first amendment right to protest as long as they obey the laws, and they are free to protest,” he said. “And if they break the laws and interfere with other people’s rights, that’s just unacceptable in our society and we will enforce the law.”

So, you heard the mayor. Keep annoying the Upper East Side, just do it peacefully.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Marches are nice and they get you press coverage, and calling out the 1% is fun.

    But lets get real, the power is in the “VOTE” and in order to “VOTE” one must be registered to “VOTE”

    So how about Marching all those who are not registered to their local Board of Elections.

    THe 1% have the money and the 99% have the “VOTES”

    So lets start marching for Registering to vote.

    Before there was the “Oracle at Delphi” there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli

    VJ Machiavelli
    Power to the People who “VOTE”

    1. RedFred says:

      you can vote in a new crook — no solution — both parties are corrupt

  2. RedFred says:

    Jamie Dimon hires hindu only for IT

    1. good for him.  those indians are SMART.

    2. BFR says:

      Sounds to me like someone either got fired or never hired by Dimon.

  3. RedFred says:

    Jamie Dimon is a H1b visa pimp — destroyer of US jobs — IT workers are temp workers because he is too cheap to hire people full timehe charges insane fees on CCardshe is like the the phone companies and Motorola — cheap stingy

    1. jeffery immell of GE; the HEAD of the president’s “debt” commission….PAYS NO TAXES.  go picket his house you hypocrites. why didn’t you go to bloombergs?  he’s a BILLIONAIRE.

  4. robert says:

    Bloomberg! Boo Hiss!

  5. Sudhir Kumar says:

          They are all scared. Wait till every scams come out and get investigated. Each of them will be spending the rest of their life in prison playing checker with Murdoch.  I bet anything both Gaddafi and Mubarrac was strong armed into investing in their scheme.

    1. not scared of nothing.  believe it.

  6. russell simmons owns a debit card company that charges people to access their own money. he is the epitome of a capitalist. yet, i don’t see you freaks protesting his house??? he prays upon people who have bad credit and can’t otherwise have a debit card. he’s a disgusting hypocrite and so are most of you.  go to washington.  there’s your problem.  congress AND the president.

  7. BFR says:

    Interesting point made by Mayor Bloomberg about Hollywood.  I see a lot of protestors wearing “V for Vendetta.” Do they know that that movie had a budget of $54 million and grossed $131 million (IMDb)? Those figures hardly fall in line with “occupy wall street’s” crusade against the 1 percent. 
    Some might argue, ‘well its about the message of the movie.’ That is fine, but the protestors are also wrong there. “V” was revolting against an fascist, oppressive government not engaging in class warfare.