Updated: Bloomberg Media Promotes, Fires Gay Person: Lawsuit Filed

bloomberg logo 300x104 Updated: Bloomberg Media Promotes, Fires Gay Person: Lawsuit Filed

Bloomberg Media hit by lawsuit

Updated: The New York Observer has been informed that Mr. Martinez has already filed the lawsuit.
Brian Martinez, Bloomberg Media’s former International Managing Director of Television, filed a lawsuit against his ex-employer this week. His claim? That he was discriminated against because of his sexual orientation, as well as something that Michael Musto from Village Voice is relaying as “perceived disability discrimination.”
Bloomberg Media is already on the defense, putting out this official statement earlier today:

“Throughout his 10-plus years at Bloomberg, Brian was open about his sexual orientation and was promoted multiple times. We have always been a leader in providing benefits to domestic partners, and we covered the health benefits of Brian’s partners including an international relocation of his partner from Tokyo to London.
Any hint that his termination was related to sexual orientation is ludicrous to anyone who knows Brian or knows this company.”

Mr. Martinez was relieved of his duties in July, right after several months after an incident involving domestic violence between the plaintiff and his partner. So maybe Bloomberg Media isn’t discriminating against gay people (in fact, they have a pretty good track record of pro-LGBT hiring), but is discriminating against one gay person directly following a violent incident. Mr. Martinez had to go to a doctor after the fight with his partner in order to be deemed “mentally capable” to go back to work…something that the powers that be over at media juggernaut clearly didn’t agree with. But it’s hard to build-up a discrimination lawsuit for the company that employed and promoted you for 10 years while being fully aware of your sexual orientation. More as this develops.


  1. Press Hilton says:

    Is the Observer unable to afford to hire someone who knows how to write?  Or has the Observer done away with copyeditors?  And way too much editorializing!  I can make up my own mind based on relayed “facts.” Thank you.

  2. Mrs85 says:

    “something that Michael Musto from Village Voice is relaying as “perceived disability discrimination.” I’m sorry but its a serious federal law. You should look it up before post it.  I know Brian and I don’t think he would file the lawsuit if he wasn’t discriminated. 

    1. Unbelievable says:

      It doesn’t sound like you know Brian all that well then…nor did you have the distinct ‘un-pleasure’ of working with him. One of the worst experiences of my life.

      1. Mrs185 says:

        I actually did worked for Brian and he was one of the best bosses I had. He was tough but who wouldn’t in his position?  The truth is, if you weren’t good or deliver with him, he would make it clear to you. There wasn’t much smart people in that place and you probably were one of them. 

      2. Manthony says:

        Judging by  your admirable use of grammar, I suppose you were “one of the few” smart people in there then, weren’t you?

  3. Scoop says:

    I doubt many of the people who worked with Brian Martinez would be surprised at the news that there were doubts about his mental capacity to work.