Bloomberg Speaks of ‘Profound Sadness’ On Death of Steve Jobs

The tributes to Steve Jobs are coming in from all over the world, including this morning, from Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who spoke of the Apple founder before the opening of Twitter’s New York City offices.

“When we learned last night that Steve had died, I think the sadness was so profound because we all did really understand that a remarkable American journey had just come to a close,” the mayor said. “In so many areas of the human experience, Steve had pushed the frontiers of what’s possible – and he took all of us along for a ride. This country and this world is a lot better because of it.”

Bloomberg was an early adopter of Apple’s IPad, and has hardly done a press conference over the last couple of years without it.

The rest of his remarks on Jobs are below:


“One of the word’s that’s frequently used to describe him has been ‘a visionary,’ but I think it’s fair to say Steve was much more than that. A visionary re-imagines the future – Steve had the energy, passion and business acumen to bring that future to life in the most creative, surprising, and successful ways. And that’s the hallmark of a true entrepreneur. He made technology both exciting and elegant; he revolutionized animation; he put the computer in our pockets and by virtue of that made our lives entirely mobile.


“The iPhone that I carry and the iPad in front of me have both fundamentally changed how I communicate and how I access and store information, and how I conduct business. And that is true for probably everybody in this room. And we use many of these same tools and innovations throughout City government to solve problems and serve New Yorkers more efficiently and more intuitively.


“So I don’t think you can overstate or over-appreciate Steve’s impact on technology – how it’s made, how it’s developed, how it’s used, even how it’s marketed. Steve’s legacy, however, will not just be the iPhone and the iPad no more than Edison’s legacy is the incandescent bulb, or Da Vinci’s is the flying machine – inventions that have long been surpassed.


“Steve’s legacy – a hundred years from now, and a hundred years after that – will be the feeling that life can be made better, that life can be more productive, that life can be more fun. That feeling – felt by each new generation – is really what changes the world.


Bloomberg Speaks of ‘Profound Sadness’ On Death of Steve Jobs