Boxee’s Avner Ronen Talks Spotify: We’ve Been Wanting Them For a Long Time

boxee avner ronen Boxees Avner Ronen Talks Spotify: Weve Been Wanting Them For a Long Time

A good lean back starts with a great chair.

Israeli-born Boxee founder Avner Ronen travels frequently to Europe, so he’s been hip to this whole Spotify thing for a while. “We’ve been coveting spotify for a long time, we had users asking for it, but there wasn’t a proper API. Once they had that in place, we could write the app, then it became a no brainer,” Mr. Ronen told Betabeat by phone.

SEO Alert! Today Boxee released a custom Spotify app.

Music is one of the most important verticals on a connected TV. Pandora is currently Boxee’s most popular app, and a company survey found that 60 percent of Boxee users have connected their television to a surround sound system. “Music through your home entertainment system is the perfect lean back experience,” Mr. Ronen said.

The Boxee app is missing a few basic features, like search, because the team felt users would have an easier time searching and building playlists on their phone, tablet or computer. “Then you just refresh your Boxee app and within seconds it’s there.”

Okay, Pandora, your move.