Calling the Conductor: M.T.A. Launches 511 Hotline

Get me Jay Walder! (Getty)

While The Observer can’t remember the last time we called the M.T.A. to complain—it seems as futile as waiting for a G on the weekends—it is now at least a little easier to contact the agency, which has just streamlined its 117 phone numbers throughout the region down to one: 511. In a move that seems a tad overdue, callers no longer have to jump from menu to menu, in order to get their questions answered. The system incorporates a plethora of new options through voice recognition, the phone technology that everyone loves!

M.T.A. managing director Diana Jones Ritter reiterated the perks of 511 in a staetment: “customers now have a single phone number for all transport-related questions, instead of a long, sometimes confusing list of agencies and departments”.

The number gives an all-encompassing go-to for transport users, providing info on everything from transit schedules to tolls and even lost and found. Along with the Mayor’s successful 311 citizen service hotline, it typifies a general move by authorities to a more transparent and cohesive communication system. The service is fully funded by the New York State Department of Transportation and is launched alongside the website

Just think: Now you can call the M.T.A. from the platform to find out where the train is!

Calling the Conductor: M.T.A. Launches 511 Hotline