Cell-phone debt-collection draws Kean’s ire

TRENTON – Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean will issue a resolution in opposition to President Obama’s authorization proposal of private debt collectors being able to call cell phones of those who are delinquent on student loans.

“I plan to introduce a Resolution, in the State Senate, urging our congressional delegation to use their influence to put a stop to the Obama’s intrusive debt collection proposal,” Kean said in a release. “I will call upon my colleagues, on both sides of the aisle, to support this common-sense resolution. We must send the President a message to halt the expansion of this harassment scheme and to rededicate his efforts to getting Americans back to work.”

Obama wants to change current debt-collection procedures that limit “robo’’ calls to landlines.

“I am appalled President Obama has aligned himself with the private debt collection industry to expand their ability to make harassing ‘robo’ calls to people’s cell phones,” Kean said.

According to Kean, it appears the majority of debts owed to the federal government are for delinquent student loans.

“The President, more than anyone else, should understand that people are not repaying their school loans because they cannot find a job,” Kean said.

Overall, there are billions of dollars owed to various federal agencies, including Education and the Health and Human Services departments.

According to several published reports, Obama wants Congress to allow the cell-phone access for debt collections. There is no estimate on how much the federal government expects to be able to collect if this method is approved.

Cell-phone debt-collection draws Kean’s ire