Child-care programs, school districts draw Comptroller’s eye for FY12

TRENTON – The Comptroller’s office has issued its Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2011 that lists its accomplishments for the year as well as offering a glimpse into upcoming audits for Fiscal Year 2012.

Among the pending audits listed in the annual report are these:

* Cost-saving opportunities at selected school districts;

* State-funded child-care programs;

* Procurement and cost-effectiveness of health benefit plans at various municipalities;

* And fiscal and operating practices at various local and state agencies as well as government vendors.

The Comptroller’s Office said these audits are in various stages of completion.

The annual report for FY11 lists some of the highlights of the office’s work during the past year.

Among them:

* The state was paying for more than 19,000 unnecessary phone lines. The audit should save approximately $3.5 million, the report estimated.

* An audit found $43 million wasted at the N.J. Turnpike Authority on items including unjustified bonuses, inappropriate sick leave payments, and using a self-funded insurance plan rather than the state’s health benefits program;

* And another audit found $3.1 million spent annually on clothing allowances for state workers who are not required to wear a uniform.

The Comptroller’s Office began operations in 2008. The annual report stated that the office’s audits from FY11 should result in at least $150 million in direct cost savings and recoveries.

Child-care programs, school districts draw Comptroller’s eye for FY12