China Guardian Will Open in New York

Courtesy of Art Speak China.

The Art Newspaper reported in their October issue that the China Guardian auction house—the second largest auction house in China by revenue—will be opening a branch in New York. The piece has not yet been posted online, but it is below the fold on the front cover of October’s edition. The house will also open in London. The Art Newspaper reported back in August that China Guardian was “considering” such a move.

Kou Qin, China Guardian’s director and the company’s vice president, told The Art Newspaper: “We want to gain a better understanding of the US market by gathering statistics and doing research into prise trends in North America.” They hope to “gain consignments of Chinese works that can be sold in China.”

The company will continue to focus on Chinese art but hopes to branch out by learning more about Western Art, Mr. Kou added. Surely this will be a function of having branches in the two major western art markets in the world.