Chris Ward for Mayor? He’s Got the Authority, But Does He Have the Support

By the end of the month, Chris Ward, the executive director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, will be out of  a job. However, some of his aides and allies—and reportedly Ward himself—think they have a good next move for The Man Who Saved Ground Zero: mayor of New York City.

“Mayor Bloomberg has changed the public perception of what it means to be mayor, and that is a good and a bad thing” one Ward aide involved in the recruitment efforts told The Politicker. “People think this is a job for someone outside of politics. Chris kind of fits that bill. He is a chief executive, and chief executive of a huge municipality. Do we want to revert to form after we’ve broken the mold?”

While most of the pressure has come from those in Mr. Ward’s orbit and a few outsiders (call them the Wardens!), the lumbering, loquacious life-long civil servant would not pass up Gracie Mansion if the opportunity presented itself. Over the past few months, since things started to go south at the Port Authority under deteriorating relations with Governor Andrew Cuomo, Mr. Ward has been saying in private that he would not mind running for political office, in particular mayor, according to a person present for some of those conversations.

So long as the political—and financial—support is there, there may well be a Chris Ward candidacy. Read More