Christie’s boast intensifies GOP efforts in at least two legislative districts as Dems yawn

Christie allies reluctantly admit they’re preparing to bid goodbye to Assemblyman Dominick DiCicco (R-4), the would-be South Jersey Senate star turned legislative redistricting casualty. 

But the party is determined to pick up either Hawthorne Mayor Rich Goldberg (running for an Assembly seat in LD 38) or Mount Laurel Mayor Jim Keenan (running for a seat in LD7), or both.

At least one pickup would hold up the veracity of Gov. Chris Christie’s claim that next week will be an historic election because he won’t lose seats in his own party.

But Democrats are already howling behind the scenes over the governor’s pre-election attempts to turn whatever happens into a victory lap.

“By all accounts districts 7 & 38 are more Republican than under last map, so I think it’s a bit of a stretch to say it would vidicate CC’s bluster and be truly ‘historic’ to pick up at least one Assembly seat,” said a source.