D.A. Vance and the NYPD Went On a Gun Shopping Spree

Last Saturday, the New York City Police Department and Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance, Jr. purchased 139 guns in Harlem through a buyback event designed to take weapons off city streets. Similar recent events brought in far more firearms than D.A. Vance’s effort.  Read More


  1. Robert says:

    What a disgusting and pointless article. As a proud resident of Harlem, I am horrified by this reporter’s ignorance and heartlessness — anyone who gives a damn about public safety wouldn’t MAKE FUN of an effort to get guns off the streets by calling it a “shopping spree.” Kudos to Mr. Vance¬†for getting 140 guns out of my neighborhood and making me feel a little safer.

  2. Terry G. says:

    Terrible post. Why turn something positive into something negative just for a byline, Hunter?

  3. Jan1195 says:

    I thought gun buy backs were a good thing?