Damien Echols, of the West Memphis Three, to Publish Memoir with Blue Rider

129027152 Damien Echols, of the West Memphis Three, to Publish Memoir with Blue Rider


Sarah Hochman, senior editor at David Rosenthal’s still-new Penguin imprint Blue Rider Press, has acquired a memoir by Damien Echols. Mr. Echols was one of the “West Memphis Three,” who were wrongfully convicted for the 1993 murders of three children in West Memphis, Ark. and released from prison this past August. Mr. Echols was in New York this week for a screening of the third installment in the documentary series about his case, Paradise Lost 3, which was shown at the New York Film Festival on October 10.

According to a statement from Blue Rider, an imprint of Penguin, “The as-yet untitled book will be Echols’ account of the trial proceedings and eighteen years spent on death row, including his personal and public quest for exoneration, his prison diaries, and accounts of support from his wife and friends.”

The book is scheduled for release in September 2012.


  1. A dad says:

    Thank God for son of sam laws, I sure hope he makes tons of money because as one of the partents of his victims I will be taking him to court.  Child murdering scumbag!

    1. Anonymous says:

      I don’t know what a “partent” is, but I always find it sad when victims’ families are so dependent on *someone* being convicted that they will buy into the ridiculous scenarios put forth by officials who bring wrongful prosecutions.

      It’s a well-known fact that you can’t move on and resolve your grief until you let go of the hate.

    2. Jules says:

      Perhaps you need to take a step back and look at the lack of evidence in this case and focus your frustations against the ones that wrongly accused and convicted three teenagers who had nothing to do with your son’s death. 

    3. Compassionate Reader says:

      I doubt any law suit would be successful.  The Son of Sam laws prohibit anyone from profiting from their crime by telling the story of the crime.  Since Damien is innocent of murdering your son and therefore doesn’t know what happened, he can’t tell the story of the crime.  Therefore, I seriously doubt that you can successfully sue him for telling the story of his time in prison, which is what I think he’ll be doing.  I’m very sorry for your loss.  However, I would think that you would want the real murderer to be in prison instead of an innocent man.

  2. BYPHESMET says:

    Get a job instead of trying to leech of
    An innocent man. Your greed shows what
    You are.

  3. Compassionate Reader says:

    I’m looking forward to Damien’s new book.  I wonder when we can pre-order it.

  4. Bethfilak says:

    i have seen  and have read everything about this case and i knew they had the wrong people when all these lawyers took it on i was glad because  they need to now go find the real murders.

  5. Anonymous says:

    — There is plenty of evidence showing that the 3 were guilty. 
    Make sure you read about both sides of this case before making a decision.

    Echols was seen in muddy clothes near the crime scene. He bragged about the murder to two other teenagers, stating he killed the three boys. Echols is reported to have either told or bragged about the crime to four people before he was arrested. Echols also had a history of psychiatric treatment. His reported actions included brutally killing a dog, starting fires at his school, threatening to kill his teachers and parents and stating he liked to drink blood.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Statement about Damien Echols stomping and killing a dog
    h t t p : / / c a l l  a h  a n . 8 k . c o m / w m 3  / j o e h b  . h t m l              

    Echols’ psychiatric records – h t  t p : / / c a l  l a h a n . 8 k . c  o m/ w m 3 / i  m g / e x h 5 0 0 . h t m l
    about his history of violence and drinking blood

    Psychological profile of Damien Echolsh t   t  p : / / w m 3 t r  u t h . c o m / p s y c h o l o g i c a l- p r o f i l e – o f  – da  m i e n – e c h o l s
    “Damien Echols in 1992-93 was extremely disturbed and violent. He was institutionalized three times in the year before the murders. He made a suicide pact with his girlfriend. He threatened to kill the girlfriend’s father. He threatened his father with a knife. He threatened to kill his mother by slicing her throat. He threatened to eat his father. He threatened suicide regularly, by hanging himself or drinking bleach. He tried to gouge his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend’s eyes out with fingernails he kept sharpened to talons. He set fires at school and burned himself. He cut himself with knives. He tortured and killed cats and dogs. He drank other people’s blood and told a psychiatrist that drinking blood gave him power, made him “feel like a god”. He talked about getting his girlfriend pregnant, then using the baby as a human sacrifice. He claimed to be possessed by a spirit and to converse with demons.”

  7. Anonymous says:

    Damien Echols brags at the skating rink – May 1993
     h tt p  : / / w m  3 t r u t h . c o  m / d a m i e n – b r a g s – a t – t h e – s k a t i n g – r i n k – m a y – 1 9 9 3

    On June 16, 1993, a twelve-year-old West Memphis girl named Brandy Wilson told police that she had overheard Damien Echols bragging about the murders at a local skating rink.

    Damien Echols brags at the softball park – late May 1993
    h  t t p : / / w m  3 t r u t h . c o m / d a m i e n – e c h o l s – b  ra g s – a t  -t h e  – so f  t b a l l -p a r k

    Several tween girls claimed to have heard Damien Echols bragging about the murders at a local girls softball game…..

    WM3 supporters often claim that the softball girls and Donna Medford later recanted. This is false. Some supporters point to this 2007 affidavit by Donna Medford (scroll down to Exhibit RR) as a recantation. It’s not. Donna Medford in 2007 repeated and affirmed exactly what she said in June 1993 and March 1994.

    Damien Echols’ confession to William Winford Jones – May 1993

    h t t p :  / / w m 3 t r  u t h . c o m / d a  m i e n – e c h o l s – c o nf e s s i o n – t o – w  i l l i am  -w i n f o r d- j o n e s

    According to notes by police officer Shane Griffin, DeQuita Dunham “stated that her son William Jones has heard Damien stating that he pulled a fast one on the police and that has been telling kids at Lakeshore that if they messed with him, he would do the same thing to them that he did to the 3 little boys.”

    William Winford Jones told WMPD detective Bryn Ridge that Damien Echols had confessed to him a week earlier.

    h t t p : / / w m 3 t  r u t h . c o m / d  a m i e n – e c h o l s – c o n  f e s s i o n – t o – k e n – w  at k i  ns – m a y  – 7 – 1 9 9 3
     Damien Echols’ confession to Ken Watkins – May 7, 1993

  8. Ruda59 says:

    Todd Moore needs to look at the LACK of EVIENCE linking the WM3 to the childrens’ murders!  Give me a break!!  Their homes were searched and they found no blood, no mud and their shoe prints were not found where the boys’ bodies were found! 

  9. Safreeby says:

    I wish his wife Lorrie Davis would write a memoir about her life while her husband was in prison and what it was like the first few days that he was home.  I think she’s an incredible woman and I strongly believe that women can learn a lot from Lorrie on how a woman should love her husband… I know I certainly have.

    1. Bdoon51 says:

      It is obvious the DNA that was later identified as not belong to proposed victims or plaintiffs was planted by Visitors acting on behalf of the Nothingness. The boys  identified as killers subsumed their energy to the Nothingness , as least ostensibly. The FBI ex-official has been wrong more than right in his career. did anyone talk to the dog named Sam? The same dog Horowitz knew was from the Nothingness? There is no innocence or guilt here, just exchanges of energy but the 3 of them transposed the victims energies to edify the Nothingness.

      Jesus came into this world of pain barely aware of who He really was. As the Fullness He shows us the falseness of the Nothingness. He had to face the Nothingness down to the Last moment as a Man, not God. That saacrifice He made reputes the Nothingness and proclaims his Divinity.Life without Jesus is the ongoing tragedy of the WM3. But what else can we expect from those crackers?