Donald Trump And Michele Bachmann Discuss Occupy Wall Street

Entrepreneur, reality show star and erstwhile Republican candidate Donald Trump co-hosted a “tele-townhall” on the economy with Michele Bachmann Monday night. They both discussed Occupy Wall Street, but Mr. Trump stopped short of endorsing Ms. Bachmann’s white house bid. Read More


  1. Bloggermom says:

    Two people no one cares about talking about people they don’t care about. 

  2. Rwjohnson40 says:

    A right wing religious fanatic and an ageing, fat, ego manic discussing a social movement, how boring! You could take every relevant idea and statement made in that conversation and write it on a postage stamp with a Q-tip dunked in Kool-Aid!

  3. EMC says:

    A match made in heaven ( er, maybe hell)
    Two know-nothings , one with bad hair the other
    with her own private take on Evangilism.