Fox News Poll on Occupy Wall Street Backfires

foxnews2 Fox News Poll on Occupy Wall Street Backfires

Fox News on Occupy Protests: "Creepy Criminals"

On October 7th, launched a survey titled “Do ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protesters represent your views about the nation’s economic problems?” Considering the type of coverage Fox has been giving the events in Zuccotti Park, we imagine they were pretty confident that the majority of their readers would answer “No.”

Unfortunately (for, this is the Internet, and word of this poll spread quickly. The results started pouring in from OWS-sympathizers. Here’s what we’re currently looking at:

foxnews1 Fox News Poll on Occupy Wall Street BackfiresOut of over 198,000 votes, more than 137,000 voted that Occupy Wall Street protesters represented how they felt about the nation’s economic problems. This isn’t a fluke: Reddit put out a call to arms four days ago, as did The Daily Kos. Combined with all those pro-Occupiers on Twitter and Facebook who kept linking to the poll and getting the word out, the numbers went soaring in favor of OWS.

The only question now is how Fox keeps the poll up, and how hard they will try to bury this data afterwards. Or perhaps Conservatives will rally on their social networking sites and bring their numbers back up? Hey, all it takes is one link from DrudgeReport.


  1. or FOX viewers really feel that way…ever think of that?

    1. Jadore_livres says:

      That would be wonderful! Solidarity amongst both sides.

    2. c j says:

      Good point Daniel!  but… I think it more likely that conservative leaning people agree with what the punchline is; that wall street is out of control, but disagree with the premise.  Wall Street and Washington aka “Crony Capitalism” is the problem.

      1. ruffsoft says:

        Crony capitalism is economic fascism, in which the corporations use their wealth and power to buy and control politicians and policies.  You can go after the corrupted government, but it makes more sense, as OWS realized, to go after those paying the piper and calling the tunes.

        Jail those paying the piper and the corruption will end.  Get all money out of politics.  Sign the petitions circulating to do that.  Let the politicians serve the people, not the corporations (which outspend unions 15-1).  Get ALL money out of politics. Many nations have done this; it works.  Corporate crony capitalism (Palin’s term) does not (unless  you are a rich capitalist).

  2. icecreamguru says:

    This is why many politicians will resist the introduction of electronic voting – it’s very hard to manipulate and simply does not bring the desired outcome of the party that spent most money on the campaign to get elected…

    1. c j says:

      i think it’s more that electronic voting can’t have human verification that each vote is cast by only 1 person.  remember that voting polls run by ACORN had a very high incidence of deceased voters casting for Democrats in 2008.  Not to mention that the entire Dallas Cowboys team voting in Louisiana. 
      America isn’t a Democracy people.  That’s all there is to it.  We are a Federalist Republican.  You should all celebrate that fact… maybe not now that the political pendulum is swinging towards the left, but what about when the next GW Bush gets elected?
      Also, if you can’t get off your butt to vote while the polls are open… well, being able to vote is one of the greatest rights inherent to be American.  If you can’t put out the effort to do so, then that’s your fault.  (btw… those who can’t get to the polls due to handicap or being deployed with the military [which i have] can cast an absentee ballot).
      Your argument is flawed icecream, sorry.

      1. James Nash says:

        We are a Federalist Republic that is governed by a Representative DEMOCRACY… Anybody with a pocket constitution and basic reading comprehension should know that. I’m getting tired of hearing this false argument, that we are not a democracy. It’s bunk.

      2. ruffsoft says:

        From NYTimes,  2007: 

        WASHINGTON, April 11 — Five years after the Bush administration began a crackdown on voter fraud, the Justice Department has turned up virtually no evidence of any organized effort to skew federal elections, according to court records and interviews.Although Republican activists have repeatedly said fraud is so widespread that it has corrupted the political process and, possibly, cost the party election victories, about 120 people have been charged and 86 convicted as of last year.
        Most of those charged have been Democrats, voting records show. Many of those charged by the Justice Department appear to have mistakenly filled out registration forms or misunderstood eligibility rules, a review of court records and interviews with prosecutors and defense lawyers show.”

    2. ruffsoft says:

      Existing Diebold type electronic voting is totally open to hacking and manipulation. There is a video circulating showing exactly this being done (without leaving a trace) with a universal remote control devise.  

      The old system was not broken; there is nearly zero voter fraud.  Let’s go back to what worked before: physical votes with physical counting.  

  3. Zeck180 says:

    Bet Fox wont show this or they’ll do what they always do flip the results. 

    1. c j says:

      oh, Zeck… how are you going to throw out a blanket statement and accusation like that?  i’m disappointed that anyone would say this without justification besides, “yeah!  they lie!!”

    2. Maroon Vee says:

      It’s an unscientific poll… and people could vote more than once… no need to flip results..duh

      1. Garyb3278 says:

        sounds like faux news propaganda  start a poll and then discredit it as unscientific if it doesnt produce the desired results. LOL   guess we shouldnt believe anything fox puts out if we cant believe this  MORon

      2. mel says:

        GO TO COLLEGE and you will learn what a scientific poll consists of, you have to have a RANDOM sampling of the population. Not to mention that you have to include the margin of error.  Flooding the poll with people that all think the same does not represent the general population. It’s about as scientific as American Idol or Dancing with the Stars. I remember how much the liberals cried foul when Bristol was voted to stay on week after week.

      3. It sounds like you have no clue how a scientifically valid poll is designed. None of the polls you see taking votes online are valid polls because you can easily skew them by driving traffic to them that will likely lean one way or the other. There is also no reliable way to prevent people from voting more than once.

  4. Karen Brown says:

    Thought it’d even be lied about, but the news picking up the story will make it hard for them to simply lie about the results, so I vote for ‘they’ll let it slide into the shadows and we’ll never mention this poll again’.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Lots of Fox VIEWERS agree that corporate greed is out of control and don’t like what’s happening to the little guy.  Because they aren’t completely stupid.  Looks like FOX has been lobotomized by their own propaganda.

  6. Anonymous says:

    How much time do the occupiers have on their hands? Hummmmm….. No money to pay their bills but just enough for Internet on their phones and iPads.

    1. Bob says:

      It’s not just the occupiers – it’s people who can’t be there, who have the jobs and the money, supporting them as well.

  7. Allybethany says:

    Great article, I felt the same way. For a few days the poll results were not favoring OWS views and the next day the amount of change was incredible. I bet they were expecting it in their favor, and this will probably never be mentioned on air. Sadly I do not watch FOX News, so I will never be able to see that great moment. Oh darn.

  8. I think Fox is messing with it… Every time I vote, the yes votes go up by 1 or 2, but the no goes up by 10. So either 10 people are voting NO every 6 seconds, and 1/2 people are voting YES, or they are cheating.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Take your tinfoil hat off. It works better that way.

    2. c j says:

      Sacchi… why in the WORLD would fox lie about their own poll?  that makes no sense.  Besides, “Every time I vote” you say?  Well, maybe someone who is voting “No” has a faster internet connection than you! 

  9. El says:

    Looks like Fox has reached more of its base — time to spread the word to OWS supporters so we get ahead again. Tell your friends.

  10. DrTelevision says:

    What part of “This is a non-scientific viewer question” don’t you understand?
    This is not a “poll” and as a survey it’s meaningless, because “voting” campaigns can be waged to skew the results.

    1. The scientific polls have now been done.   They show similar proportions, actually a higher percent for the Occupy movement and lower for the tea party.

  11. What is interesting is that new with twice as many votes – the proportions are reversed.   Usually these non-scientific polls are pretty close to the same at the end and the beginning.    To the extent that they are skewed, they might represent the bias of the site that holds them.   So, the changes we see on Fox now are very puzzling and strange.  I think they tampered with it.

    1. Jkenefick says:

      I agree. I’ve seen a lot of polls, and I’ve never seen a legitimate one do this.

    2. Snowric says:

      actually, its very common in small sample sizes to see “weird results”….for example if I flip a coin 6 times the chances of it being 3 heads and 3 tails is extremely unlikely…a result of 5 heads and 1 tail is “weird” but its totally normal….once you increase the sample size you find the “true” result

  12. Theresa Kyne says:

    Just Fox’s recent poll on protesters at OWS. They surveyed 200 people and they reported 31% advocate violence to achieve their goals…Sooooo funny!  Pretty certain they searched out people to interview who would give them the answers they wanted!  Come on, Fox. 

  13. Guest says:

    You just explained why the poll is invalid and skewed… why did you bother to expose that?

  14. matt wells says:

    And the results and in…and reversed. Oh well, it was good and funny while it lasted. Next up..Vote Them Out 2012!  – all of them.

  15. Veronica Kashaka says:


  16. Veronica Kashaka says:

    With exception on Shepard Smith, Fox is a useless media for anything that honest and truthful.
    They live in a world of lies and scorn.

  17. Andrew says:







    WAKE UP AMERICANS!!!!!!!!!!





  18. Peter says:

    What sucks is that it’s now 60-38 in favor of the “I’ll just consume, be silent and die,” answer.

    I guess Fox wins. On the other hand, I would have expected the results on a Fox poll to break my heart a lot harder.

  19. Brooke White says:

    they already have reveresed the numbers allegedly now 60 are against iit

  20. Anonymous says:

    Let’s get something straight: Being pro-capitalism is NOT the same as being pro-business. The
    point of capitalism is to make sure that businesses have to compete vigorously
    against each other which ultimately benefits consumers. To have to compete is
    not good for businesses because they have to work really hard. Large corporations
    understand this and they hate capitalism. They are constantly trying to get
    government to erect various rules, restrictions, regulations, etc that help
    them but are not in the best interest of consumers. So, pro-capitalism is good
    for consumers, not businesses. The folks on Fox News, CNBC, and the like don’t seem to understand this. They say things like these Occupy Wall Street types hate corporate greed and imply that therefore they must hate capitalism. Nothing could be further from the truth.

  21. I want to know why there are Canadians involved in OWS! They say it is about free speech…..but when a Conservative is scheduled to speak at one of their Universities she is shouted down & drowned out by these thugs! What is it about her message that they are afraid to hear? They are nothing but unwashed, smelly, thugs who have nothing better to do! I think that the INS & ICE should not allow them to come to America. Let them spread their Liberal lies in Canada! We dont need any help for that here! Keep them out of America!!!!

  22. Edwardcoughanor says:

    While there is some confusion as to specifics for the occupy groups, the anger shared by so many people about their present economic squeeze appears to be taking shape.  The latest reports about the rapidly increasing salary disparity in the U.S. promise to galvanize a great many Americans.  Social networking will further exponentialize this movement.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Polls like this, unfortunately, do not represent the actual real support of OWS.  They can be biased in favor of the movement simply because more supporters vote than non-supporters.  I support the OWS movement and am very happy with the results.  In fact, I think its hilarious that so many supporters voted on Fox.  On the other hand, it shows how unscientific all of Fox’s polls are.  In order to get a true representation of the public’s opinions on anything one has to make certain that the sampling itself is representative.  This poses a unique challenge because the pollster’s own views are almost impossible to separate from the mix.  Some examples:  If a pollster uses phone numbers to locate participants then those people without phones will not be represented.  Same applies for addresses and the homeless.  Dayton Ohio was once used as a sampling pool because pollsters agreed that Dayton was an ‘average American city.’  If you are from San Franscisco you might disagree.  If pollsters select a sampling from all major cities then they neglect the suburbs and rural areas and the results will reflect what city dwellers think.  Also only certain people will participate in polls.  Some people refuse to particpate.  Therefore the opinions reflected in polls ALWAYS favor the kind of person who is willing to particpate.  More often than not, pollsters are biased themselves and seek particpants that will prove up ther own opinions.  In these cases the results are always suspect, as with Fox polls.  Unfortuntely it takes time and money to conduct a poll properly and to account for all the adverse influences of the sampling pool.  That kind of effort is not likley to be undertaken by any political pollster.  After all, who would pay a political pollster to find out the real facts? Only market researchers for consumer goods do that because it is in the interests of their clients to fnd out what people really want to buy.

  24. Yatista says:

    It’s simply a matter of how the question is presented.   Do I agree with the statement re: corporate greed and the little guy?  Yes.  Do I agree with OWS?  No.  Corporate greed is only one thing they are protesting, many others I do not agree with (like forgiving student loans) and I most certainly do not agree with their tactics of taking over parks and streets, interfering with daily life of non-involved citizens and their confrontational attitude towards civilian authority.

    1. Garyb3278 says:

      can i remind u or maybe better yet educate u that our founding fathers had a confrontational attitude toward the civilian authority at the time of the birth of this country and that confrontation greatly interfered with the daily lives of all citizens lol. You sound like you probably want change thats good for u as long as it doesnt upset ur comfort level.  haha

      1. Icedogshock says:

        yea fucking A wall street tom foolery has caused far greater damage than ur ass sitting in traffic @yatista what a boner these protesters cause far less problems than u kno like crashing the stock market sub prime mortgages out of control lending but yea sucks for yatista they are making her life sooooooo hard poor thing :(((

      2. mel says:

        May I remind you that GE is one of those corporation that don’t pay taxes but it’s

  25. c j says:

    ummm… so, you are saying that the only way fox news poll can skew the numbers is by doing what OWS did?  that fox would have conservatives “rally” to vote the way they want? 

    that’s only a little hypocritical… 

  26. Maroon Vee says:

    an unscientific polll that liberals flocked to, and could have voted more than once… and NY observer thinks that is a scientific poll? hahaha

    1. Jim Mooney says:

      But it would have been the God’s truth if it had turned out the other way ;’)

  27. Akemi Mokoto says:

    These Occupy protesters need to find a job and get a life instead of acting like neo-hippies. Jesus Fucking H. Christ they are pathetic. 

    1. Jim Mooney says:

      Christ would be on their side,  not on the side of the filthy rich Banksters they are protesting – the guys who wrecked the world economy. Didn’t you ever hear of the camel and the eye of the needle? Funny how that keeps getting forgotten.

      Go read your bible and see whose side Christ would be on. Hint – he threw the moneylenders out of the Temple.

      Oh, and people who just gabble Rush and Faux lies are even more pathetic.

      1. Akemi Mokoto says:

        You don’t know what “Christ” would do. People can guess and assume shit, but nobody knows. Also, “Christ” is fake so any person with common sense wouldn’t give a shit either way. I don’t trust those right wing jack asses at Fox News and I HATE that fat bastard, Rush.

  28. cory says:

    I have always loved fox news but not anymore, you clame to be fair but from day one you have let all your reporters say negative things about the protesters (americans) an im sick of it. fair an balanced my ass. i will no longer watch fox news . an im going to tell everyone i know to stop watching it as well if you dont start suporting the people .peace an love.

  29. cory says:

    I have always loved fox news but not anymore, you clame to be fair but from day one you have let all your reporters say negative things about the protesters (americans) an im sick of it. fair an balanced my ass. i will no longer watch fox news . an im going to tell everyone i know to stop watching it as well if you dont start suporting the people .peace an love.

  30. dive says:

    ows are loons and communist..let the police opena few heads and clean up this crap…These people are not americans.

    1. Jim Mooney says:

      Open your head up, punk. Oh, how tough people are on the keyboard. I volunteered for Vietnam so people could have the Freedom to protest. And I know what real violence is as opposed to video game bloodletting.

  31. Guest says:

    Movers and Independent Thinkers, 1. Fox News and Zombies, 0.

  32. Girman7 says:

    look at he poll now idiots 

  33. avgjoe says:

    yeah a poll that got pollutted by a flood of ows scum commies, kind of like the paulettes (ron paul supporters) who flood polls.

    1. Jim Mooney says:

      People who call others scum need to look in the mirror.  Wash the dirt off first, though.

  34. Jim Mooney says:

    Faux will bury it for sure – if there is one thing they hate with a passion, it’s the Truth.

    Before those who listen to radio hateheads curse  OWS too much, since OWS is mostly
    criticizing bankers, when you go to get your Thanksgiving food you
    might notice that the price of food has gradually gone up about fifteen
    percent. (Not the phony three percent the government says, since they
    are bundling necessities with luxuries, which is totally bogus.) The
    stores try to hide this by upmarking the regular price, then putting a
    phony discount below it – works fine if you have no memory. 
    And why have food prices gone up? 
    Goldman-Sachs has been permitted to commit massive speculation in food
    commodities, which were previously off limits, since no one wants food
    to skyrocket. 
    And how were they permitted to do what other casino-banks cannot? 
    the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION and Goldman-Sachs almunus, Timmy Geithner,
    granted them a SPECIAL DISPENSATION to play havoc with food prices. Tim
    wants to make sure he gets top salary at G-S when he returns to his
    revolving door job as chief Bankster.

    This is why, despite the Faux canard that OWS is all leftie, it is Not political. They realize the corruption riddles Both parties.
    Besides, this is
    the Administration that Refuses to prosecute one Bankster, even though
    some, such as Goldman-Sachs, have Admitted to criminal activity. Even
    Bush Senior prosecuted S&L crooks. I thought Obama was a friend to
    the people a few years ago, but so far as I can see, since corporations
    are now persons (something else he won’t fight), he has helped only
    three people: Mister Casino Screwyou Banker, Mister Health Denyclaims
    Insurer, and Mister Drug Breakyourwallet Company.  
    So when you
    go to the food store and food is up forty percent, maybe you’ll feel a
    little more kindly to people who are out protesting the stranglehold the
    banks have on foul stench of our totally corrupt government. Not that the GOP is
    any better. You have Zero choice. Vote for banker-helper A or
    banker-helper B. Your vote is a joke.  
    And this is not a screed
    from some wingnut who just got his buzzwords from hateradio. I actually
    voted for Obama, but I’d sure like my vote back now that I see they’re All
    corrupt. The GOP is Nakedly for the bankers who wrecked the world
    economy. (And if you look at the figures, the government, despite
    hateradio pronouncements, was only a small part of the massive frauds,
    and global Ponzi schemes. they used to enrich themselves.) As for the Deadocrats, they have been just as
    much a part of this massive ripoff since the day they helped kill
    But as for Occupy Wall Street, don’t shoot the messenger.

  35. Anonymous says:

    You got degrees in crap that doesn’t matter?

  36. mel says:

    this isn’t a scientific poll but most people are too ignorant to realize that

  37. Thebes says:

    Figures don’t lie by LIARS do figure.

  38. J.B. Willit says:

    to late it’s out now

  39. I strongly beleive in the OWS,if change doesn’t come soon,the Greed,Corruption and Powerful will Destroy the Human Race by it own doings.It has already started and it can no longer be Ignored.

  40. han spy says:

    Nice. Fox got a piece of there own meds.

  41. Paul Hunter says:

    Later on the support for occupy suddenly dropped to 40%. They rigged it.

  42. momo says:

    They will spin it as “Internet weirdoes voting”

  43. Sorry to break the bad news OWS supporters, but these online ‘polls’ are not scientific because they don’t poll a statistically valid sample of the population. Traffic can be driven to them by word of mouth and people can relatively easily vote as many times as they want just by changing their ip address. This article pretty well points that out ( “This isn’t a fluke: Reddit put out a call to arms four days ago, as did The Daily Kos. Combined with all those pro-Occupiers on Twitter and Facebook who kept linking to the poll and getting the word out, the numbers went soaring in favor of OWS.”) Nobody really intends them to be scientific. They are for entertainment. It’s amusing that people who write articles like this don’t realize that. So, what do the scientific polls say? PPP says OWS support 33% and opposition 45%.