Frank Gehry Does Not Make Fans of Occupy Wall Street

The downtown neighbors have come to a bit of a detente with their friends at Occupy Wall Street—quit banging on those damn drums, and we can live with you. But not everyone is happy with that agreement, according to The Journal.

Residents who opposed the resolution said they felt that the prolonged protests have disrupted neighborhood life. Brian Copp, who moved into the Frank Gehry building on Spruce Street last spring, said that he thinks city officials are going easy on the left-leaning protesters and that the occupation has nothing to do with free speech.

“If this was a group of radical tea partiers or Christian fundamentalists, we wouldn’t be having this conversation,” said Copp, 56 years old, who works for an oil company.

Come to think of it, the overlap between design aficionados and the 1 percent is probably pretty high. After all, who else could afford a $3,000 studio?

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