From Blackout to Circus: The Evolution of Media Coverage at Occupy Wall Street

Is the media ignoring Occupy Wall Street ... or obsessing about it? Skeptical reporters may prove sub rosa superfans.

Geraldo Rivera interviewing protesters at Zuccotti Park on Saturday, Oct. 1. (Photo: Hannah Grant)

THE PROTESTERS AT OCCUPY WALL STREET have had at least one of their demands met: the perceived “media blackout” decried by so many, including Current TV’s Keith Olbermann, has clearly ended. Is the protest a story now? The Observer asked NBC’s Michelle Buettner, who arrived Sunday and had just finished interviewing a father with a precious young toddler perched on his shoulders. “It’s a story,” she snapped. “We’re here covering it.”

Hey, it took The Observer four days to show up, we offered.

“So we’re all sort of getting our bearings,” she said.

Indeed. Zuccotti Park was suddenly crawling with one-man camera crews feasting on the colorful scene. “I’m over it!” one demonstrator who had traveled to the protest from Florida said. “Everyone’s a media whore!”  188440