From the Annals of Venture Capital Cinema: ‘VC ER!’ [Video]

vcer From the Annals of Venture Capital Cinema: VC ER! [Video]If you’ve ever seen First Round Capital’s Christmas video and holiday card, an extended homage to the Old Spice guy, or caught an episode of TechStars you know how much venture capitalists fancy themselves the next Andy Samberg. (For further proof, there’s also the Foundry’s Group “Dick in a Box” tribute spoof.) But’s Dan Primack dug up a real doozy from the dot com era, courtesy of Softbank Venture Capital.Says Mr. Primack:

“My guess is they were probably trying to keep it offline, given that it’s both embarrassing and a bit tedious (apparently Softbank could spring for double vodka luges at its annual parties, but not for a video editor).”

Holiday season is coming up, guys. How about David Tisch as Blair and David Cohen as Serena?