Geraldo Rivera Talks Occupy Wall Street On Fox & Friends: ‘Let the freezing rain drive them away’

screen shot 2011 10 14 at 10 05 24 am Geraldo Rivera Talks Occupy Wall Street On Fox & Friends: Let the freezing rain drive them awayAfter Brookfield announced this morning it will postpone the evacuation (or, as the protestors said, “eviction”) of Zuccotti Park for cleaning , Fox & Friends spoke with Geraldo Rivera, Liberty Plaza reporter and Geraldo at Large host. Mr. Rivera expressed some sympathy for the protestors, explaining, “There is a tremendous frustration and fear for the first time.” But, he added, “they are flailing around for someone to blame.”

Mr. Rivera admitted that the protestors are “sincere,” to the complete shock of Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade, but said Brookfield is nonetheless correct in postponing the clean-up because the freezing rain could drive protesters away sooner. He compared those at the protest to the people waiting in line for the new iPhone at the Fifth Avenue Apple Store–or, as he puts it, “basically young people in their mid-twenties on their parents’ payroll.”

Mr. Rivera said he’d return to cover the protest for his show on Sunday and that Occupy Wall Street “lied” when they said he was driven out of Zuccotti Park. Apparently his show was done filming.

After the smartest man on Wall Street, Jesse LaGreca, made a Fox News producer look stupid, it’s not hard to see where the enmity comes from.


  1. Cpdorsey says:

    Is it true about 20 of the protestors on Wall Street closed their Citi Bank accounts and got arrested for it?

    1. Anonymous says:

      do you think people should be allowed to close their accounts, why only a dirty, rotten communist would want to do something like that.

  2. Rdchamberlain says:

    they are not flailing around looking for someone to blame – they have some one and they have said clearly who they are.
    I am a 65 year old pensioner with a good lifestyle but I can see why they are angry and they have every right as American Citizens to express theiir anger peacefully. Some scenes we are seeing from Citibank for instance indicate that the US has become a police state.

  3. NJAtty says:

    Today’s Geraldo Rivera would have let the mentally ill and disabled rot at Willowbrook…he’d be too nobelsse oblige to go in there and do the groundbreaking reporting he did. He’s grown rich, fat and lazy…AND he’s at Fox. Point. Game. Match.

  4. I would like to comment about US corporations. The problem is not a lack of profitable. Many  US  companies have lots of money for share buybacks. But little money for employee compensation.  I would like fox and friends to tell met how that creates a single job when a company buys back its own stock  and than under compensates its own  employees.  I would also like to ask fox and friends how a  private  equity firm taking a public company private  by borrowing an enormous amount of money from an investment banking firm headquartered in downtown Manhattan New York  to purchase all the common stock outstanding in that publicly traded company can create any  jobs.  In other words how fox and friends does  piling a moutain of debt on to a company in a   leveraged  buyout create any  jobs  fox and friends  when  virtually all of the companies cash flow must now go to pay interest.