Hacker Hero 'Weev' Stops By Occupy Wall Street [Video]

occupyfree Hacker Hero 'Weev' Stops By Occupy Wall Street [Video]

Free Weev

Correction: An earlier version of this article said Mr. Auernheimer was released in September. In fact, he has been out on bail, awaiting trial, since March.

Andrew Auernheimer ( a.k.a. “Weev“), one of the most martyred heroes of the hacker community, showed up at Occupy Wall Street earlier this week. “This is even better than Alec Baldwin and Kanye West combined!” – Everyone in Anonymous

In 2008, The New York Times magazine wrote a story called “Malwebolence: The World of Web Trolling.” Lots of scary stories about 4-Chan and it’s /b/ board, Anonymous, etc., etc.

For the main photo of the story, the story used a fresh-faced Mr. Aurenheimer, then 22. The piece made him out to be anarchist misanthrope: “I hack, I ruin, I make piles of money,” he boasted. “I make people afraid for their lives.” He is/was not a fan of the Federal Reserve, and *sigh* the Jews.

Weev is also the one responsible for stealing the identity of the writer of The New York Times article, Matt Schwartz. (Note: Though he disagrees with this assessment in our comments.)
The fact that he was able to hack into AT&T’s database and discover that the company was selling lists of its consumers to Apple Inc. turned him, in the eyes of the law, into a felon. Especially after Weev and his team of Goatse Security downloaded 114,000 of these personal emails and sent them to Gawker. Mr. Aurenheimer, living in Little Rock at the time, awoke one day to find to find his home raided by the FBI. They weren’t mad about his web trolling, or identity-stealing. No, they were furious about his dissemination of AT&T’s information. They booked Weev on drug charges, and he’s remained incarcerated since 2011.

After being released last month in March, someone asked what the hacker-activist planned to do next, to Mr. Aurenheimer apparently answered, “Occupy Wall Street!”

(Video by Kyle Christopher)


  1. I did not steal the identify of Matt Schwartz. I informed him that his was at risk to theft. There’s a difference. Mr. Schwartz’s article on me is libelous and he was deliberately untruthful. I have never stolen anyone’s identity, and this article is not even remotely truthful.

    “After being released last month” You can’t even get my release date right, I have been out for months.. Nor did I say the subsequent statement. I also have never been convicted of a felony, and thus am not a felon. Try mastering basic facts before you pretend being a journalist.

    1. Jon Dh says:

      I love you weev.

      1. i love you too dude but you really need to drop some fucking stickers in the mail. i have people who have been waiting a month to distribute them.

      2. Dirty Sanchez says:

        and soliciting mail order LSD “stickers” so your ppl can “distribute” them

    2. your article is still factually incorrect. i have never, ever lived in Little Rock.

      1. CyanideL says:

        Your amazing.. Just so you know…I quite adore you and what you’ve done. 

      2. Dirty Sanchez says:

        lol, Fayetteville, Little Rock, blah, blah, podunk redneckville USA.. big difference.

    3. Dirty Sanchez says:

      WOW, what a piece of work.. you obtain (legally, of course, because you have authorized access to social security numbers) an NYT authors’ SSN and THEN you have brains to show him what you did. If you take something that does not belong to you, whether you intend to use it or not is THEFT. Giving it back doesn’t change what you did. Psssh, “informed him of the risk”..

      The author of this bit never said you were a felon, he said it made you a felon “in the eyes of the law”, meaning the law enforcement agency with whom you have felony charges *pending*. Think the feds are just gonna charge you with something and you’re gonna talk your way out of it? You’re a FELON, dude. Enjoy the next few months of being able to say that you’re not a *convicted* felon, the DOJ takes forever to prosecute. The only way you’re gonna make that charge go away is if you snitch, so we’ll see. Is that part of your plea agreement? I would rather be a felon than a snitch, especially in an underground/ counterculture community. 

      Whether any of these authors get the facts even remotely correct, it’s not like you don’t run around online under assumed identities, or front yourself to these media guys (“ooh, I’m rich, I lost $10k on futures today, my group makes millions and I have a Bentley”- and then you turn around and beg online for ppl to paypal money for your defense), you fabricate your truth on a daily basis. You make yourself big one day, you didn’t do it the next.

      Ok, big shot. You’re a thieving fraud.

  2. Steve says:

    Power to ya, Andrew. We appreciate your sacrifice in doing what’s right, despite this messed up Empire we have to deal with.

  3. “He is/was not a fan of the Federal Reserve, and*sigh* the Jews.”

    I don’t recall hearing that in this posted video, Drew. Are you yourself implying that the Jews control the American economy? If so, I feel sorry for you and your antisemitic attitude.

    Also, “someone asked what the hacker-activist planned to do next, to [which] Mr. Aurenheimer apparently answered”

    Please activate your MS Word grammar checker.

  4. Zak Vreeland says:

    I’m confused by that part about Moses and Furries and the Jews.  Furries should be killed and the Jews won’t let us kill them?        ?

  5. Walter Brian says:

    Weev for serious shave that rank ass beard


  6. redpriest says:

    weev is a savage