Hello OccupyParty.org: Occupy Wall Street Gets Another Spammer-Imitator

Welp, Occupy Wall Street may not be trending on Twitter. But anything reasonably popular on the internet comes to the attention of spammers sooner or later. The official mouthpiece of Occupy Wall Street has just posted a warning that a new website, The Occupy Party, is not affiliated with the movement. Scroll over to http://occupyparty.org/, and it’s a mess of stock images and Google ads around some dubiously-search engine optimized text.

It’s possible that this is a legitimate group–but there’s no “about us” page, no contact information, very little content and the registrant is anonymized. Signs point to squatter or spammer.

The Occupy Wall Street movement is the name for the group of protesters, endorsed by entities from Naomi Klein to Anonymous to Susan Sarandon and Michael Moore, who have been camping out at Zuccotti Park (also called Liberty Park Plaza) for three weeks now. The park is two blocks from Wall Street and three from the New York Stock Exchange. Confused? Here’s a primer.

The movement has already seen spammers set up similar sites that simply funnel “donations” to the owner’s PayPal account and other red herrings that duped the likes of the L.A. Times, but the organizers have by now managed to take control of the top Google results for “occupy Wall Street.”