How Suite It Is: Sophie Calle Makes an Artwork Out of a Hotel Room

A fractured, mysterious narrative on the Upper East Side

Ms. Calle, who has seen photographs of the room at the Lowell but has never been there, planned to arrive at the Lowell to install her artwork just 24 hours before the exhibition opens. After that, “many things may happen,” said Ms. Chopra. “The show will take shape, and then it may change.”

When The Observer asked Ms. Calle if she would be staying with her artwork, which will be accessible to the public 24 hours a day through Sunday night, she laughed. “I was not planning on it,” she said, still laughing. “But maybe you have given me an idea. Now I wonder if I should use this situation to be in the room to do something. I am just thinking about it as we are talking, so I don’t know.”