How the Cookie Crumbles: Girl Scouts Finance Director Accused of Embezzling Thousands from Company

Cy Vance will lot let Samoas-stealers go unpunished.

It’s not every day an email about the Girl Scouts arrives in our inbox. And, hey, it’s still 67 days until cookie season, according to the up-to-the-second countdown on the company’s website. Why, then, did we receive a Tagalong-flavored dispatch on this day? And why is Cy Vance quoted in it?

Turns out former director of finance Yaasmine Hooey stole $310,000 from the Girl Scout Council of Greater New York.

OK, that’s a lot of hard-earned cookie-buyer cash, but our dear district attorney is still able to smile a little about it. Might as well, right? I mean, like, Samoas. You ever really thought about what’s on those things? Hilarious! So funny looking!

“Nonprofits are not personal cookie jars,” said District Attorney Vance. “But that is how the defendant is charged with treating the accounts of the Girl Scout Council of Greater New York. The defendant’s charged crimes not only violated the trust of the Girl Scout organization, but the trust of the girls that the organization serves.  The District Attorney’s Office will continue to aggressively investigate and prosecute crimes against nonprofit organizations.”

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar, Cy? Well, apparently it’s Ms. Hooey, but there’s no conviction yet, and it’s your job to get one. And do it fast! That amount can buy more than 89,000 boxes of Thin Mints. Justice needs to be served.