Huffington Post High School Causes and Diagnoses College Anxiety

Tavi Gevinson's Rookie might just cure it.


The story splashed on top of The Huffington Post High School—a new vertical launched this week written for and, in part, by high school students—is that they’re freaking out about college admissions.

“We hear you, high school seniors: it’s a stressful time right now,” the editors write.

Upon reading the rest of the site, it’s not hard to see what feeds their anxiety.

Below, a sampling of other stories on the HuffPost High homepage right now.

Those articles are written by high school graduates, of course, but even the student authors write about college essays, admissions tests, and the college search.

We get it: college admissions is a huge industry in this country, and there’s no reason media companies shouldn’t try to stake a claim on the traffic and advertising dominated by Princeton Review and Kaplan.

It’s not like other news outlets haven’t noticed. The New York Times has an entire blog devoted to college admissions, The Choice, and The Daily Beast aggressively ranks colleges by categories like stress, safety, food, and more.

But those sites aren’t written for and by adults, not high schoolers. Which makes us wonder if parents aren’t the real target audience here too. Students can’t read The Huffington Post during the school day, and it’s questionable how much of an appetite they have for reading about education after living it 8 hours a day.

The kids over at Rookie magazine (not only written by and for teenagers, but run by one too) for one, seem interested in just about anything but: candy, feminist activism, camping, and making out.

Huffington Post High School Causes and Diagnoses College Anxiety