Huffington Post's Zombie Section Endorses Herman Cain

Trick or treat? Republican Zombie president candidate endorsed

In addition to the adding a whole subcategory of front page breaking news catering to their new Zombie readership, The Huffington Post today came out today in what some would call a shocking support of GOP presidential candidate Herman Brains.

According to the site’s endorsement post:

Herman Brains believes that the country should not be a melting pot and non-zombies should stay out of it and this is smart idea even though if non-zombies get in we will just turn them into zombies. But still it’s a good idea and all supports zombies. Supporting non-zombies makes hospitals bankrupt and then BRAINSSSSS BRAINS BRAINS BRAINS BRAINS.

Leftist leaders are quick to chalk up this vote of confidence from what has been seen as a traditionally Democratic publication to the easily confused aural sounds of “Cain” and “Brains.”

“No way that Arianna Huffington has decided that Herman Cain is the best leader for the nation, even with our new Zombie population on-board,” wrote New York TimesPaul Krugman earlier today in an editorial from his crypt. “Even with his new 6-6-6 plan,” he added, before sucking the blood of a young intern to stay alive for another millennium.

Other were not so sure. Matt Drudge of the Drudge report put double sirens up in his site today, not just to emphasize that Zone Two of California has been infected with the fast-mutating virus that turns humans into flesh-eating monsters, but that the “flip-flopping Huffington JOKE would even consider Mr. Brai…Cains proposal just because he was targeting a new demographic of delicious human brains.”

“Braaaains,” ended Mr. Drudge’s scathing critique of Ms. Huffington’s site, in what was either a mockery of her own editorializing, or an ironic gesture of how similar these two supposedly opposite polar opposite parties actually are. “BRAINS! BRAINS! COMMUNISTS! BRAINS!”

Huffington Post's Zombie Section Endorses Herman Cain