Jack Dorsey Offers Mayor Bloomberg a Job at Twitter’s First New York Office


Jack Dorsey took the stage with Mayor Bloomberg this morning and officially opened Twitter’s first New York office, just in time for Ad Week. “I want to thank the Mayor for his vision on creating 21st century jobs. I know you have an engineering degree, Mr. Mayor, and you may be looking for a new job soon. We’re hiring,” Mr. Dorsey said.

Mr. Dorsey offered a number of facts related to Twitter and the Big Apple. “New York has the most Twitter users of any city in the world and the biggest community of Twitter developers outside of California,” Mr. Dorsey said

Twitter has an upcoming “tea party” scheduled for developers at Betaworks and is eager to tap into the big brand dollars that are based here in New York. “Half a billion dollars have been invested into the Twitter ecosystem in the past year. As big brands look for better tools to harness the power of Twitter, we hope this ecosystem can address this need,” Mr. Dorsey said.

Mr. Dorsey name dropped SocialFlow, who is playing host to their tea party; Mark Ghuneim Wiredset, Chartbeat and CrowdTwist.

A daring reporter asked, “What do people in this office do?”

Mr. Dorsey explains that its now mostly sales people with some engineers, but the plan is to build out the engineering staff significantly, a move Twitter accelerated recently with its acquisition of Julpan.

Asked about the future of New York, Mr. Dorsey was very bullish. “New York will have a thriving tech community and we can help build that. In the Valley we have a culture of mentorship and the emergence of new schools here–and networks of West Coast talent–will go a long way towards establishing that.” 

Mr. Dorsey has long been a lover of cities, traffic and infrastructure. He offered a glimpse of why New York is so interesting to him. “I am most excited about mobile technology, especially here, because New Yorkers live in a different way, so densely, not just on the horizontal, but as we go up, exploring the density on the vertical and those opportunities as well,” said Mr. Dorsey.

Perhaps Mr. Dorsey was referring to @CondeElevator?
Jack Dorsey Offers Mayor Bloomberg a Job at Twitter’s First New York Office