Jack the Cat Has Been Lost at JFK for Over a Month; Cat Lovers Continue Awareness Efforts

jack the cat is still lost Jack the Cat Has Been Lost at JFK for Over a Month; Cat Lovers Continue Awareness Efforts

A cat named Jack who was misplaced by American Airlines baggage handler in August has yet to be found, causing supportive cat fans to organize via Facebook. The “Adopt-A-State” campaign helps friends of Jack generate local awareness via “a list of resources to contact to remind them about Jack, of rescues to make sure they don’t have Jack, and other quick things you can do online!!”

Saturday was “Jack Awareness Day,” during which a “small group” came out to JFK to hunt for the missing feline. 

A second Jack Awareness Day is scheduled for this upcoming Saturday, starting at 4 p.m. “That will allow us to look for Jack at dusk AND hit the evening shift of workers to up their awareness,” says the Facebook group. “If you’re in the area or if you want to make a road trip, plan to join us at 4p next Saturday, October 22… we’ll meet by the JFK VetPort and go from there!!! GO TEAM JACK!!!”

“A report was just released that states that an employee dropped Jack’s crate,” a supporter identifying herself as “a friend of the page which is now 15000+ strong” wrote to The Observer. “AA is not helping in the search for Jack and there is places the searchers need to go to and they can’t get security clearance.”

The supporters refer to themselves as FoJs–“friends of Jack.”

The owner of the cat, Karen Pescoe, is reportedly considering legal action but has opted to keep her decision private.  She has not publicly commented on the Facebook page, but other FoJs are in contact with her.

From Tuesday:

Dear FoJs – I am sooooooo very frustrated. I am frustrated that American Airlines clearly doesn’t give a crap about the implications of its carelessness. I am frustrated that we can’t get into most of the gazillion places where Jack might be in the small city that is JFK. I am frustrated that there is nothing we can systematically do to search for Jack, and that we must rely on others to see him so we can search that area. And I am also VERY frustrated that people think Karen or I have “distanced” ourselves, that we’re not involved, or that we’ve given up. NO ONE HAS GIVEN UP.

The most recent update by American Airlines was on Sept. 9:

Since our last update this past Friday, our employees have continued the search for Jack at JFK over the weekend and into this week.  We are all concerned with Jack’s well-being and our employees have been doing everything they can to locate him.  This past weekend we also issued a pet Amber alert that we hope furthers awareness about Jack.  This broadens our search beyond the airport grounds in the event he has made his way into the community surrounding the airport.

We continue to place food and water around the airport and monitor for signs of Jack.


  1. August says:

    Maybe she needs to sue the airline now?

    1. Macasemanager says:

      But that doesn’t bring back Jack her family member.   I have 5 cats and it would  be like losing my child if I lost one of them..   I don’t understand why most people don’t understand this way of thinking.   Most people just say, Its just a cat what is all the fuss about.   I am thinking of moving to retire and I will hire a private air transport for pets to get my aninmals to my destination in one piece,   I don’t care how much it cost.

  2. Penbayr says:

    The Pet Amber alert consisted of 100 emails, and AA did not opt to upgrade. 100 emails in a city of how many people? Pathetic effort!!

  3. Mhmoney says:

    Please help reunite Karen, Jack and Barry!  Please come to Jack Awareness day this coming Saturday (10/22/2011)!!

  4. Some AA employees have been very helpful but AA Corporate – not much at all.  After 2 wks they started censoring all “Jack” posts from their public FB page.  AA, the un-American airline.

  5. Mhmoney says:

    Jack Awareness day is at JFK starting a 4 pm.  Again it is on 10/22/2011.  The more people who come the better word can get out about Jack!

  6. Mwgfizz says:

    American Airlines has demonstrated that they don’t care about people and they have given more time, effort and manpower to Jack than to victims of their own plane crashes.  I am sorry about Jack, but sorrier about my husband’s parentss who died due to negligence on American Airlines Flight #191.

    1. Nicole DiBona says:

      I’m sorry for your loss. AA dosen’t care about people and they don’t care about cats either. They haven’t done anything for Jack. They just make it sound like they did. I will never fly AA and niether will any of my family or pets. They are just terrible.

    2. Misty says:

      To remind others, AA 191 was departing O’Hare when its left engine separated upwards, rupturing lines. Everyone on board and two on the ground died.  The problem was caused by ground crew taking a shortcut in maintenance which the manufacturer had warned against.

  7. Susanna says:

    AA thinks this will go away but it won’t and we, animal lovers, will not forget their complete incompetence in allowing Jack to escape and their pathetic efforts to assist in finding him.

  8. bk says:

    wasnt there any security cameras there? that should help shouldnt it?

    1. Smolderingiz says:

      AA tried to cover their butts – at first they said yes there is security footage which only they could watch due to security issues, or some such nonsense.  They said there was nothing notable on the tapes.  Then a week or so later they said there were no cameras in that area.  Now they have filed the official incident report and it is public record.  An inept baggage handler stacked the crates and Jack’s crate fell off, breaking it open.   AA lies!  Please go to Jack’s Facebook page and become a friend.

  9. Asbint says:

    Thank  you so much for doing this new story!  It’s a big step in making more people aware and gives more hope that Jack will be found.

  10. Smolderingiz says:

    One of the things I find pathetic about AA (and there are now many things) is that they promised daily updates.  Today is Oct 17 and the last update was Sep 9.   They have some skewed idea of daily!   I certainly want to be watching when karma catches up to AA

  11. Noeline McCosker says:

    Jack may not be at the Airport anymore. He  may have gotten away outside. I hope not for the people that own him and they find him. Best of Luck!

  12. patty says:

    Aww poor Jack. I LOVE CATS! they are family. Stupid airline! if a baby went missin would they drag feet about lookin for it? Well Jack is someones baby!

  13. wlpresvd says:

    I hope someone is monitoring the feral cat colonies at JFK for Jack.

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