Jerry Saltz: Top of the Art World ‘Teeters on the Edge of Destruction’

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Jerry Saltz with President Clinton. (Photo: Facebook)

If you haven’t already, you should head over to New York art critic Jerry Saltz’s Facebook page where the pundit has sounded off on the current Nate Lowman, Dash Snow and Dan Colen shows in Rome at the moment.

He has some concerns!

Mr. Saltz lists prices for the shows and goes on to tell his Facebook friends:

“I’m cravenly on an idiotic reality tv game-show about art and last allowed to accuse others of imbecility. Yet, Gagosian’s Sam Orlofsky says of Dan Colen, Nate Lowman, & Dash Snow current Rome shows, sold-out at $80,000 for drawings/$225,000.00 for ptgs: ‘When you look at the power & energy of these artists, in terms of Am. painting of the last 75-years, these things are a bargain.’ I love the art world but you see why the TOP OF IT NOW TEETERS ON THE EDGE OF DESTRUCTION, RIGHT?”

Those making comments to Mr. Saltz’s post are rabid, as is their wont. Check it out!