Jon Stewart Gives Props to Jesse LaGreca For His Fox News Slap-Down [Video]

jonstewart Jon Stewart Gives Props to Jesse LaGreca For His Fox News Slap Down [Video]

Jon Stewart <3 Jesse LaGreca

We here at the New York Observer don’t like to pat ourselves on the back too often (it’s definitely uncouth, and we’re nothing if not couth), but we couldn’t help feeling a surge of pride when Jon Stewart used the video we uncovered of Daily Kos’ Jesse LaGreca telling off a Fox News producer during  his Wednesday night broadcast.

Of course, we’re only noticing this video now because unlike the “media-mocking-the-media-mocking-the-protesters” angle that Comedy Central took, we were actually down at the Megamarch on Wednesday and forgot to TiVo Mr. Stewart. Again, not patting ourselves on the back or anything.

However! We would like to challenge Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert — both of whom are located in New York — personally go down and cover the protests live. We’d also love to see them have Mr. LaGreca on their show. That is, if the political writer is willing to do it.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Jesse Lagreca is my new hero, his conversation with fox news and his appearence  on abc is  the best thing I’ve seen on the news  in ages.His words spoke to me and countless others I’m sure.I hope his comments get him more exposure .Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert definetly should have him on their show.

  2. Rachel says:

    Colbert Report had a correspondent down there already, checking out how people were going about relieving themselves.

  3. mel says:

    Jesse Lagreca is an idiot and a liar.

    1. Mikewhalen542 says:

      what are we in now third grade….

    2. FairAndBalanced - HA! says:

      Can you explain what he lied about?  He is clearly not an idiot (although he did make the reporter appear to be one).