Kanye West Visits Occupy Wall Street, Makes Bold Statement About Fiat Currencies By Wearing Gold Grillz

kanye west occupy wall street Kanye West Visits Occupy Wall Street, Makes Bold Statement About Fiat Currencies By Wearing Gold Grillz

He’s no Thom Yorke, but it’ll have to do.

Yes, that Kanye West—the one with the $25,000 chains and small child-sized Horus-head-as-bling pieces—dropped into Occupy Wall Street today. He was apparently accompanied by Def Jam founder Russell Simmons, who Tweeted “kanye west is on his way to #occupywallstreet” with this photo:

x2 8b56212 Kanye West Visits Occupy Wall Street, Makes Bold Statement About Fiat Currencies By Wearing Gold Grillz

It sounds like it was sheer pandemonium, though no definitive accounts other than plenty of pictures and “he was here, and then he left” have yet to come through.

And so it is: Kanye West gets added to the list of celebrities (Susan Sarandon, Jeff Mangum, Michael Moore, Talib Kweli) who have dropped into Occupy Wall Street who are not Thom Yorke.

Also, here’s his gold grill:

40mgzh 1 Kanye West Visits Occupy Wall Street, Makes Bold Statement About Fiat Currencies By Wearing Gold Grillz

[Photoshop via bMichael.]



  1. Anonymous says:

    2 incredibly dumb black men.

    1. Nicole says:

      I don’t quite understand why their race needs to be added into your insult. You don’t like them? Fine. You question their intelligence? That’s fine also. However, I’m a bit confused as to what importance their race holds in your insult.

    2. Anonymous says:

      You think the guy who started Def Jam /hip hop/ RUN DMC and managed to profit off the music indst. and maintain all these years while producing movies , books , TV and theater on Broadway is dumb huh ? Or did you mean Kanye ?lol

    3. em says:

      stupid comment

  2. Anonymous says:

    stupid is as stupid does….

    What a human version of a turd….this guy makes billions for absolutely NO talent whatsoever and then questions corporation and greed?  He is the living breathing epitomy of greed, waste and stupidity.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Billions ? LMAO Who ? You mean Seagrams ?

  3. Mo says:

    He’s OWNED by the Illuminati – get that loser out of there!  JayZ  ‘Roca-Fella’ sent him to hijack the scene.  FRAUD!

  4. Bbkkihji says:

    such bullshit!!!  occupy wall street is a bunch of Z-rate actors in a horrible made-for-media movie..  trash- lies!!!  pay close attention to what you see. reminds me of “the stand” a made for tv movie in the 90’s ..  horrible! but what is the real point? notice, they do NOT talk about Michael R Bloomberg, who controls / has a MAJOR effect on wall street..  no a single sign trashing this phoq!?!? really? they do not talk about jobs!!!!  the President want to talk about JOBS…..  hmmmm.. so what is the point? this is funded by the very people they are complaining about…   nevertheless…  FIRE AND BRIMSTONE is coming for the liars and the wicked… Stay real people!

  5. Fondue says:

    A couple of 1%ers stop by.

  6. Laterlater1 says:

    Kanye To Do List – October 10th.

    1. Get lattee at Sant Ambroues – so tasty!2. Hit sale at Upper East Side Intermix with Jay Z and B – loving this seasons unitards.  Paris Fashion Week was so good.3. Get into chauffeured car down to protest on Wall Street (Jamie Dimon’s driver on loan – JP’s been funding the companies that market and sell my beats, tours, concerts for years)
    4. Hit Up This Wall Street Protest – I’m Jenny from the block! Keeping it real. 
    5. Head to Boom Boom Room late night to party (Andres B whats up yo! St. Tropes was ridic this year – damn Russians tho)
    6. Take chauffeured car back to hotel suite / fancy building.  Apply moisturizer – Creme de la Mer duh.

  7. fewcities says:

    Kanye West = oxymoron

  8. Anonymous says:

    If he had worn modest clothing to the protest instead of his usual clothing, then the author of this article would have mocked him for that.

  9. I like how his jewelry, excuse me, BLING, is probably equivalent to someone’s student loans. Kayne West is one of the reason’s people are distracted and uneducated about what is happening in America and the world. Sell out.

  10. Dorothy Hall says:

    What the hell !!! did’nt they SELL OUT?

  11. Brittsal1 says:

    Its doesn’t matter if the outfit Kanye is wearing is suitable for appearance in Occupy Wall Street. . .
    Its a question of what the hell is he doing there?? With the life he has, I don’t see how he could rightfully fit to the equation, unless he is against the Congress/ Gov. agenda of handing out special priviledges/ funds to the wealthy (which I would say includes him!).