Man Claims ‘Dali Society’ Cheated Him Out of Money

dali Man Claims Dali Society Cheated Him Out of Money


According to Courthouse News Service, an amateur collector from Westchester County claims that the owner of the Salvador Dali Society (which allegedly has nothing to do with the official Gala-Salvador Dali Foundation in Spain) cheated him out of $75,000 for selling him a minor Dali work for more than it is worth.

Sergio Losapio is suing Joseph Nuzzolo of Los Angeles County, owner of the Salvador Dali Society, and Edward Okil, “a self-proclaimed independent and allegedly disinterested art appraisal expert.” Together they sold him a work by Dali, The Atomic Champagne Glass, according to the wire service, a “painting so obscure that a Google search for its name…generates one hit.” (It goes without saying, but this is no longer the case.) Mr. Nuzzolo sold the work for $169,000 and Mr. Okil set its market value at $350,000.

When Losapio put the piece up for auction at Christie’s, the price started at $38,000 and sold for $33,115. Losapio also says he overpaid for several Dali lithographs.


  1. Renoir says:

    Mr. Losapio wouldn’t know art if it bit him in the behind. He wasn’t interested in art, he was interested in making money. Ergo, for him, it was merely purchasing a signature. He should be ecstatic that some fool was willing to part with $33,115 for that signature.

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  3. David says:

    I was also ripped off by Joe Nuzzolo. He, like Bruce Hochman and Park West Gallery is a crook. Do not trust this guy!