Mark Zuckerberg Subscribed to Dianna Agron’s Facebook Before Subscribing to Arianna Huffington’s

via Gentleman's Quarterly

It’s been less than two months since Facebook rolled out it’s stalking, sorry subscription feature and it’s already revealing telling personal insights about our “friends.” Which, we have to imagine, is just how privacy, um, trailblazer Mark Zuckerberg wanted it.

But a tipster alerted Betabeat that it might also reveal something about Zuck himself.

In addition to subscribing to the Facebook feeds of his own employees and engineers, pundits like Jeff Jarvis, as well as journalists like Nick Bilton, Farhad Manjoo, and Fareed Zakaria, Mr. Zuckerberg subscribes to the Facebook feed of gamine Glee actress Dianna Agron.

In fact, Zuck subscribed to Ms. Agron’s  feed, which currently features her Halloween costume (a “Reptar”) and posts about her “spirit animal” (co-star Harry Shum Jr.) before subscribing to any of the luminaries above. Even before subscribing to fellow mogul Arianna Huffington!

But don’t go thinking his pop culture interests are limited to wholesome musical numbers. Before Ms. Agron, Zuck signed up to see Snoop Dogg’s feed. Since it’s Zuck’s world, of course, you can find him under Calvin Broadus. Makes sense. With my mind on my money and my money on my mind is the perfect backdrop for IPO dreaming.