MC Moneypenney's Amazing Occupy Rap: 'Tap Dat A$$et' [Video]

tapdat MC Moneypenney's Amazing Occupy Rap: 'Tap Dat A$$et' [Video]

Makes Kanye's bling look like copper.

We’re hoping General Assembly votes MC Moneypenney’s hot new single to be the official anthem of Occupy Wall Street. (Sorry, all other OWS songs.)

We love the Michael Douglas monologue in the beginning, but also the amazing way he manages to namecheck Paul Krugman, James Tobin, Lloyd Blankfein, and Peter DeFazio in under six minutes of rhymes. MC Moneypenney is like the Jay-Z of white novelty rappers.


  1. Aguest says:

    More like ‘Schoolhouse Rock for OWC Protestors’

  2. Miles Disney says:

    Oy! Gotta top this with Bank of America: Land of the Fee! Better start cracking.

  3. This is very interesting!!! give people from all over the world the opportunity to battle againgst talent all over the world.