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ben lerer Meet Lerer Ventures

Ben Lerer

Lerer Ventures is a seed stage venture capital fund based in New York. They invest in founders at the earliest stages of a startup’s life. Everyone at the fund starts and runs companies for a living. Lerer Ventures is where they invest in their peers.

The firm was founded by father-and-son team Ken and Ben Lerer.

Ben Lerer is a manager of Lerer Ventures and the co-founder and CEO of Kenneth Lerer is a manager of Lerer Ventures. He was the chairman and co-founder of The Huffington Post and is currently the chairman of Betaworks, Bedrocket and Buzzfeed.

Jordan Cooper is a Venture Partner at Lerer Ventures. He currently serves as co-founder and CEO of Hyperpublic. Jordan was previously an investor at General Catalyst Partners, a $1.7 billion early stage venture capital firm in Harvard Square.


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    You’re right starting my cnpamoy was difficult too. In fact, everyday is a challenge. But I get to do what I love (photo, video, design) so it’s a lot better than crunching numbers at a desk job or stuck working for a corporation that doesn’t have the same goals as I do. Thanks for this site Jesse. It looks great and has good, useful content too.