Meet the Twitter Trolls Telling Occupy Wall Street to Get a Job! [Slideshow]

  • seanshall e1318355566171 Meet the Twitter Trolls Telling Occupy Wall Street to Get a Job! [Slideshow]

    "Get a job!" says guy on Twitter

    As obnoxious as it is to see constant updates about Occupy Wall Street on our Twitter feed, it’s even more annoying to see people tweeting “Get a job!” back at them.

    First of all: Not original. Secondly: Isn’t that the point of the protests…that national unemployment is at 9.1 percent and it’s very, very hard to get a job these days?

    We searched Twitter to find what sort of people were trolling with the  “Get a Job” line, and found out what kind of jobs they held.

  • Another tweet: My debit card is far past gone. Gotta wait til next week for the replacement x.x

  • From Facebook: "I have been watching on the news and reading on the internets about the "Occupy" movement. Or protests. Whatever you want to call this nuisance.
    I feel this is just another way for Liberal Arts majors to use big words and blame everyone else for the reason they aren't as wealthy as the "1%".
    But I'm really glad you recruited your Art School pals to help march in this public bother! They helped make banners and posters, of which cannot be read by passersby, since you tried to include your entire manifesto on a 28"x22" poster or ripped apart shipping box, most likely purchased from a company you are protesting.
    The only reason you talked your Art buddies into protesting, is because they failed to go into an Art field that paid as well and it gave them something to do, since they also have no job.
    The 1% obviously put their time, effort and schooling, which by the way, cost them money, into something that made them millions, even billions of dollars. How can you protest that? It's not their fault they chose a path that made them wealthy. A path that created companies that are wealthy. Remind me, isn't that the American Dream? If your dream is to look, smell, act, work, live like a hippie, that's your problem. Don't blame others for your short comings.
    Oil. Really? The 99% of you either walk or ride a god-awful bike in the street, in my way. You preach green, but bitch about oil you claim not to use. $4 a gallon is not a lot. It should have progressed to this level years ago, but since we had gas for $1 for so long, it seems crazy it jumped so fast. But you don't use it anyway, so quit complaining.
    Ok, you'll contest me about the big "bailouts". Well, I'd rather have the government bail out our banks to prevent another 1930's. That just leads to another World War. BUT! Maybe that's what we need! We could have a draft system and draft all you protesters! Then you could fight for something! Or, you'll run to Canada. Problem solved. Either way, you're out of my way and city.
    Go ahead, use a credit union. That way you're not in my way at my big bank. I don't have to wait for you to fumble around in your car for your card, check in on yelp, call your mom to see how much you owe for rent and finally inch up towards the ATM, only to find out you made all the wrong life decisions and your account has no money. Should have followed the 1%, huh?
    I am by no means in this 1%. I am the 99%. But you know what? I'm not blaming anyone else for the life path I chose. Would I like to be extremely wealthy? Yes. Do I blame them for my problems? No. I don't pay a single fee at my big bank for having my accounts there. I drive a car and I don't complain about the gas prices. The government has not prevented me from doing anything that I've wanted to do. All I know is, this 1% helped build millions of jobs for people around the world. JOBS. Something you should probably have. Then you won't be OCCUPYing my streets. In the way of me trying to go to work.

  • Other tweets: I understand ppl are frustrated w/ the economy & CEO salaries but think about this: MILLIONS of hardworking Americans work at Wall St firms.

  • My name is Jacy Norgaard, I am 18. I am a sports photographer studying in college to become a Paralegal. My feelings towards the occupy Wall Street protesters are: go out and work and make a difference on your own. Invest elsewhere, buy from different corporations, etc. I think it is completely possible, If you apply yourself to become successful and have a voice, but you have to get on Wall Streets level. They will listen if they know you invest in them, and your as smart as them, but they won't listen if your standing on a street corner yelling. I made the get a job comment, because more than likely If they are standing and protesting all day, they aren't working. Unless they have a lot of vacation time. I have health insurance. I don't affiliate with a specific party. I would say I am more of a Conservative Independent. Fiscally speaking I don't believe in spending a ton, or cutting a lot more of a mix of both. And socially, I believe you do what ever you do. Believe what you want, marry who you want, etc.

  • From website: Anthony Palmiotto of International Planning Alliance, LLC provides individuals , families, and businesses with financial strategies for wealth accumulation and protection while minimizing risk and lowering taxes...Anthony also helps his clients to enjoy their wealth over their lifetime with family and charities while still leaving a legacy to their heirs.

  • From his Blogspot, a list of things one is not allowed to do on Sabbath:
    1. No Carrying
    2. No Burning
    3. No Extinguishing
    4. No Finishing
    5. No Writing
    6. No Erasing
    7. No Cooking
    8. No Washing
    9. No Sewing
    10. No Tearing
    11. No Knotting
    12. No Untying
    13. No Shaping
    14. No Plowing
    15. No Planting
    16. No Reaping
    17. No Harvesting
    18. No Threshing
    19. No Winnowing
    20. No Selecting
    21. No Sifting
    22. No Grinding
    23. No Kneading
    24. No Combing
    25. No Spinning
    26. No Dyeing
    27. No Chain-stitching
    28. No Warping
    29. No Weaving
    30. No Unraveling
    31. No Building
    32. No Demolishing
    33. No Trapping
    34. No Shearing
    35. No Slaughtering
    36. No Skinning
    37. No Tanning
    38. No Smoothing
    39. No Marking

  • Funny story: In 2008, wrote a letter to the Baltimore Sun, arguing against the government bailing out Citigroup.

  • Facebook favorite quote: "The office of the President is always bigger than its occupant." -President George W. Bush

  • Mandy on writing vs. television journalism: "Until recently I would almost constantly complain "Ugh why do we even have to write for the newspaper I just want to do TV." But doing that Google search really got me thinking. Why, why do I care if my words are printed or on a television screen. Is it because I do not want to be anonymous? I suppose it must be, I wanted my face associated with my thoughts. How odd!"


  1. FT says:

    Stop whining! 

    1. dmk says:

      Drew… you’re a troll! And it seems like everyone here agrees.  #loser

  2. John Hafner says:

    These are not trolls…they are visionaries. Get a job you lazy fucks.

  3. Deb says:

    i dont understand that people who work hard to get ahead in life are called Trolls?

    1. Nathan Best says:

      They’re either trolls or really stupid. I’m sure many of them are fine citizens who are comfortable working in their cubicles eight hours a day for mediocre pay without realizing they’re being ripped off in life by a pointless game invented by organizations and people that contribute nothing. That’s fine, you people just go back to your happy place and pretend everything is fine and dandy, but don’t tell us we’re being ungrateful when we dare to protest it all.

  4. David Lumin says:

     Hey Drew, here’s a news flash for you.

    These “Trolls” as you call them are tax payers like myself; (People who had to start out at the bottom of the ladder and work our way up), so naturally we are going to be telling them to “Get a Job!!!!”  How can they be looking for work, if they are busy having sex all night (in a public park), doing drugs, and carrying a protest sign all day?

    How is it the fault of the Corporate America that they don’t have a job?   Corporate America as well as small business owners are the ones who create jobs, and right now both are scared to create them.  And I will bet that you don’t have a clue why.

    The Government has passed laws in the recent past, that took American jobs and allowed them to be shipped overseas, or out of our country.   Anyone remember the North American Free Trade Agreement?  That allowed truck drivers from Mexico and Canada to bring their goods in across our borders, instead of having American drivers ship them in the country.   How about the law the President Bush signed, which allowed Telecommunications Jobs to go to India?

    How about the fact that the 1% of people who pay the highest taxes in this country are being told, “You can afford to pay more taxes, so you will”, since we need to pay down the deficit, that we caused by creating more and more programs to help those who “WON’T” not “CAN’T”, get a job.

    So why should they create more jobs?  So the government can take MORE of their money, to help out people who refuse to get with the program and do what is expected of them.  W.O.R.K!!!  

    What incentive do they have to create more jobs here?  The only incentive they have is higher taxes.  So why should they create more jobs to pay more taxes?  Business is in business to MAKE money.  Not to give it away.

    I agree with the protesters on ONE issue.   The government shouldn’t bail out companies for making bad business decisions.   That one point I agree with. 

    As far as those with college degrees, who can’t get work in their “chosen” career.  I would suggest you do like millions of others have done over the years.   Put on a hat and ask, would you like fries with that?  Because right now, until the government gets their head out of their butts, the economy isn’t going to fix itself.  Until they stop the class warfare against the rich, the rich aren’t going to spend their hard earned money.

    My $.02

    David Lumin

    1. Rnpolimeni says:

      Genius, David. Couldn’t have said it any better. 

    2. Guest says:

      “economy isn’t going to fix itself” – Thats why we need to unite and tell them to i.e. occupy.

  5. guest says:

    As a good Democrat who would like to see Pres. Obama get re-elected, these Occupy Wall Street
    protestors don’t seem to realize that what they doing is in effect a disaster for Mr. Obama  and causing
    most independent voters to likely vote against Obama who seems to be hiding and not speaking up
    about this situation.  Very disappointing.

    1. Nathan Best says:

      Obama has been very passive in his leadership ever since he took office. He’s just like George W. Bush but with a different face.

    2. Guest says:

      It’s Obama’s fault he won’t open his mouth.  

  6. Paprika126 says:

    You know what happens when you can’t get a job? You create one. What else can you do?

  7. Nathan Best says:

    Seems like all these “getajob” people are just a little uncomfortable at having the status quo challenged. They just want everyone to get to work, don’t ask questions, and leave the big banks and Wall Street to do whatever they want. Sounds like they would be very comfortable under a USSR type dictatorship, and they call us the socialists.

    1. David Lumin says:

      No Nathan.  Its called you are protesting the wrong people.   You don’t protest the ones who make the $.   You protest the idiots in Washington who created the laws that allowed things like the bailouts to happen.   You quit electing morons like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Frank, and every other person who signed off on the bailouts and elect people who want to HELP the country.  You protest the Washington Establishment and get rid of the career politicians who only care about your issues come election day, then break every campaign promise they ever made.   You don’t Occupy Wall Street.   You protest down Pennsylvania Ave in Washington DC.   And you do it without having sex in public parks, taking drugs and raping/attacking people.  And you find a clear cut message that you are sending to Washington.  

  8. Tommydip says:

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  9. Physic Rising says:

    occupy doctors without bordersfwdWhatt happened to “Healthcare for People Not for Profit”?by Jan Sam on Monday, January 16, 2012 at 11:47am
    when in alta. my ennemies got me sterilized and also with depo provera to make sure. i do not believe that any of the changes mentioned in the article below, are anti eugenics and i do not believe they promote informed consent, free choice of physician, and an informed public. like my own cousins that likely supported my sterilization in Alta.( see my cause support civil liberties and charter rights for Canadians where this is often discussed) these folks are into profit, a mystique of medicine, and the ignorance of a docile public obedient for the purposes of testing out sadistic experiments. i also was victim of countless near death experiences in alta. attempted murder likely because I was still involving myself in self help. There were also illegal, unwanted and hokey experiments, the most sadistic of which were the so called dissipation experiments. The nse of the neo liberal revolution has brought us another bout of fascism, laundering the term eugenics and social darwinism. Fertility clinics like any of the specialized clinics found in neo lib medicine fill a largely eugenics and sanitizing purpose like in fascism and eugenics pre the 30s by the socreds in Canada. Family planning clinics and women’s health clinics as a rule misinform women to keep them under the control of the government, management, the patriarchy, other stakeholders like workers with questionable credentials at the clinics…They feed us misinformation about personal objectives, sexual health and a snobbery about medicine.ttbombk the slogan “healthcare for people not for profit” brandished by the Women’s Health Collective in Vancouver of the 60s and 70s is the ennemy of objectivists as they do what they can to wipe them out and all akin…This period at this time here ttbombk marks the end of a period of educating the public and a return to elixir big profit medicine  Province enacts new standards for fertility clinicswww.calgaryherald.comMore than a decade after the province’s first private fertility clinic opened, Alberta has put in place new in vitro fertilization (IVF) standards outlining rules around medical staff qualifications and careful record-keeping. The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta published the sta… tags: medicare, social medicine, women’s and childrens health, sexual  health, boston women’s ehalth collective, women