Menil Collection Puts Its Interview Archives Online

The Artists Documentation Program website.

The Artists Documentation Program, a branch of the Menil Collection, has opened the doors on its impressive collection of artist interviews and placed the whole archive online. Previously only available to curators and art historians, the online project was funded in association with the Whitney and the Harvard Art Museums’ Center for the Technical Study of Modern Art.

It’s an excellent time-suck for anyone looking for a distraction over the weekend, a bit like when The Paris Review put their entire interview collection online, though these are video interviews and often you can see the works being discussed. Standouts of the 33 interviews, which were all conducted in the past 30 years, include Jasper Johns, Brice Marden and Lawrence Weiner.

Here’s how the interview with the recently deceased Cy Twombly ends:

Cy Twombly [caught up in the conversation]: Yeah, I—oh, look at how much time we’ve killed!

[ADP Associate Director] Carol Mancusi-Ungaro: In the preservation of art, we killed time. I like that. (laughs)

Take a look over here.

Menil Collection Puts Its Interview Archives Online