Michele Bachmann Is Not a Fan of Occupy Wall Street

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann criticized Occupy Wall Street as “tremendously counterproductive,” potentially violent and unsanitary during her appearance in San Francisco today. Ms. Bachmann also explained why she thinks “there’s a 180 degree difference between the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street.”

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  1. Heathdeville says:

    These occupy wall street pretenders are an attempt to disrupt the primaries by…

  2. Barkerinpdx says:

    Did Ms. Bachman also misuse that apostrophe?

    “The Tea Party picks up it’s trash…”

    1. No, that was a typo. 

  3. San Fran says:

    The writer didn’t mention it, but the speech took place at San Francisco’s nonpartisan Commonwealth Club of California, the same place FDR made his famous New Deal speech nearly 80 years ago. If only she knew …

  4. Mekhong Kurt says:

    Sure, OWS is 180 degrees from the Tea Party; it hasn’t been taken over by the Republicans and Kochroach Brothers like the Tea Party has. Which is too bad, since some of the grievances (though not the proposed solutions) are the same for the two groups.