More About the Crazy Uptick In Media Coverage of Occupy Wall Street

Paul Krugman weighed in, twice; MTV picked up the story after rapper Talib Kweli showed up. And now we have Nate Silver with a chart to explain it all. “In the early days of the protests, which began on Sept. 17, coverage was all but nonexistent in the mainstream news media,” writes Mr. Silver. “It has increased significantly in recent days, however, and is now beginning to rival that given to Tea Party protests in April and May 2009.” Even The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart picked up on our “from blackout to circus” meme.


Mr. Silver analyzes:

Coverage spiked after an incident on Sept. 24, however, when three protesters were hit with pepper spray by the police despite, apparently, posing no imminent threat. The next day, the volume of news coverage increased to 96 hits, about six times its previous rate.