Morning Links: A Key Feature of iOS5

The New York Times, SPIN, The Daily, and probably many other publications whose press releases we don’t receive, separately announced that they are now available in Newsstand–the iPad App Store’s new section for browsing, buying and organizing digital newspapers and magazines.  What’s is that every single press releases called Newsstand “a key feature of iOS5.” Apple brainwash campaign?

New York Times security reporter James Risen will have to testify in the upcoming trial of a ex-CIA officer accused of leaking US plans to subvert Iran’s nuclear program. The subject of his testimony will be whether quotations and italicized passages in his book State of War are verbatim quotes or part of a document he used in his reporting, in hopes of getting as much information as possible without making him reveal confidential sources. [Politico]

Call it a wash for celebrity chefs: Rachel Ray and Reader’s Digest are breaking up, but Food and Wine is running a 24-page advertorial called Top Chef Magazine. [Forbes] [Adweek]

Carolyn Kremins, recently named publisher of Conde Nast Traveler, was once charged by an elephant in Botswana. [WWD]