Morning Links: Speeding Ticket Compromises Newspaper’s Ethics

The reporter who broke the news about Rick Perry’s “Niggerhead” ranch had a few speeding tickets and wrote a bad check, which means the Washington Post has no journalistic standards and needs to apologize to Rick Perry, according to RedState. [Fishbowl DC]

Local Huffington Post bureaus in Detroit and Miami are on their way, despite the fact that local news was supposed to be AOL Patch’s job. [Adweek]

But it looks unlikely that Patch will be profitable by the end of 2011, as Tim Armstrong said, even if they did slash the freelance budget. [Forbes]

Hulu is bidding on the forthcoming Arrested Development series Mitch Hurwitz announced at the New Yorker festival. [Vulture]

Gearing up for the election season, YouTube is launching a political channel. [Politico]

Texas taxpayers paid for the next season of Top Chef to be in Texas. [Gawker]