Morning Read: Herman Cain in Hot Water; A Challenger for Rangel; A Look Inside Vito Lopez's Wallet

A report in Politico detailed how two former employees of the restaurant lobbying group that Herman Cain led complained of sexual harassment from the G.O.P. frontrunner.

Former Clinton and Obama advisor Clyde Williams looks likely to jump into the race against Charlie Rangel.

Mayor Bloomberg is pouring money into Democratic coffers for state legislature races in Virginia, hoping to stem the tide of anti-gun control legislation there.

More than 3 million people are without power in the wake of the weekend’s freak snowstorm.

Greg Meeks charged $7,000 in repairs to his Mercedes, in a possible violation of campaign finance rules.

Chris Smith gets an early look at the 2013 mayor’s race.

A look at Pataki administration official turned blogging Andrew Cuomo watchdog David Grandeau.

If Senate Republicans cave on the millionaire’s tax, Andrew Cuomo can still count on Assembly Republicans to uphold his veto.

Would-be Spitzer LG Leecia Eve is getting a job in the Cuomo administration. Read More