Morning Read: Occupy Wall Street Swells; Cain Weighs In; Giuliani Has a New Gig

Estimates put the crowd at yesterday’s Occupy Wall Street March at between 10,000-20,000.

Gothamist has video of a high ranking NYPD official swinging his nightstick at Occupy Wall Street protesters.

Herman Cain told the protesters: “If you’re not rich, blame yourself.”

Occupy Wall Street is forcing labor unions to grapple with their own organizing strategies.

A look at John Zuccotti, for whom Zuccotti Park is named.

Mayor Bloomberg called the protests “ridiculous.”

A federal judge order a special monitor to be placed over the Fire Dept. and blasted Mayor Bloomberg for permitting pervasive discrimination there during his tenure.

Mayor Bloomberg will headline a fundraiser for the four Republican State Senators who voted in favor of gay marriage.

Top state pols have received emails threatening violence unless an expiring tax on millionaires is kept.

Christine Quinn is getting pinched on the living wage bill.

The Bloomberg administration is blaming Lillian Roberts for DOE layoffs.

John Haggerty’s home in Queens came under scrutiny in his trial.

Rudy Giuliani is the new spokesman for Indian Point.

A prominent imam close to Mayor Bloomberg was under surveillance by the NYPD for his “threat potential.”

A number of pols called for a ban on tourist helicopters.

An Assembly committee is holding a hearing on hydrofracking.