Muppets In The Name Of: Occupy Sesame Street Gets Violent

tumblr lsm3bpivub1qh91cmo2 1280 Muppets In The Name Of: Occupy Sesame Street Gets ViolentThe recent downtown occupation of frustrated, furry creatures protesting the unseen hands and strings that literally control them has become, against all expectations, violent. One wouldn’t think, given their peaceful dedication to teaching children everything from the value of being somebody to the value of the number six. And yet, the police state of Sesame Street has shown them no mercy.

So maybe Muppets are not protesting Wall Street, or Sesame Street, but the #OccupySesameStreet meta-meme—an absurdists’ take with little to say on the state of the actual protest, and yet, a stunningly funny one—was taken to a new level this morning by some very creative photoshoppers at Tauntr, a website we’ve never actually heard of but are now amused by no less. Like this one:

occupysesaemstreet6 Muppets In The Name Of: Occupy Sesame Street Gets Violent

Surely this meme has room to go before being exhausted (seeing as how this reporter has personally witnessed a brief yet substantial Muppet occupation of Williamsburg, perhaps, even possible). B for Bulls On Parade? Andrew Ross Sorkin walking down Sesame Street to ensure that it’s safe for Lloyd Blankfein, perhaps? Either way, the rest of their photos are Tauntr’s site. Do enjoy. | @weareyourfek


  1. David Hill says:

    If this article is like any of the articles from theonion, then watch it be carried as actual news by ‘serious’ news outlets.  Man, that would be too much to ask….

  2. Anonymous says:

    Muppets have more brains … and jobs , than the Occupy Wall Street crowd

    1. WStaple2 says:

      really? Care to come out here an tell that to the murses, lawyers, doctors, engineers and manufacturing people from all over the country that are here? WAKE UP YOU ASS, YOUR NEXT

      1. Winniesmith1984 says:

        Please point out the murses, as I don’t believe I have ever seen one.  I doubt that those people you claim are there actually are, because most of the ones I see are 25 and younger.  It’s “YOU’RE NEXT,” moron.  Looks like somebody didn’t take advantage of the free education offered to everyone in the U.S., hm?

      2. Johnson-carin says:

        My husband is a nurse, and he and all his ‘male nurse’ coworkers call themselves murses.

      3. Anonymous says:

        you’re …. not “your”
        nurses …. not “murses”
        and tell that …. not “an tell that”

        go back to school , and maybe you will be part of the workforce and won’t have to be an unemployed , disenfranchised flag waving member of OWS

      4. Anonymous says:

        you’re …. not “your”

        nurses …. not “murses”

        and tell that ….  not “an tell that”

        Lawyers,  Doctors and Engineers are probably  working , not smoking pot in Zuccotti Park

      5. Sarah says:

        I find it really funny that you ignorant d-bags support your argument with second grade insults, pointing out spelling instead of actually saying anything of substance. You really make me respect what you have to say. The poster got his/her point across and that’s all that matters. 
        winniesmith1984- Maybe the poster couldn’t move on to higher education after high school because she or her couldn’t afford the atrociously high tuition rates. And maybe the reason his/her high school education wasn’t sufficient was because he/she is from a devastatingly poor area, because here’s something your ignorant self probably didn’t know, not everyone is from an area where they can attain a decent education due to the extreme inequities in public schools. Do you have any idea how economically disadvantaged some school districts are? So before you go on attempting to make a point about free public education, consider whether “free” actually means shit if the education is crap and consider whether every one is economically capable of attaining a college education, particularly a decent one.
        To every one- clearly, you have never been to an occupy protest and are just going off of what you seen/heard in the media. There are indeed plenty of lawyers, doctors, and engineers. They attend protests when they get off work or on their days off, put in at least a couple hours here and there. How about you learn for yourselves before you start making assumptions? You just make yourself sound like idiots when you ramble about what you have no idea. And the fact that a lot of the protests are under 25 shouldn’t be taken as a sign of the protest’s weakness. They are the ones with the most passion and they are the ones most likely to be currently burdened by their ridiculously high student debt that they cannot pay off because of the ridiculously high unemployment rates.  
        Furthermore, murse is a term that people use to describe male nurses so seriously, just shut your mouths already. 

      6. Sarah says:

        Protesters* please excuse my mistake as I would absolutely hate for you to completely miss my point because you are too distracted by a spelling error. 

  3. Piyali Sen Dasgupta says:


  4. Mark Bennett says:

    Occupy Sesami Street has started.  Grover has been arested, Big bird just flew over a cop car and well made a mess on it.  Miss Piggy is going around topless.  Kermit the Frog is passing out signs on how to be green.  Beeker is in for questioning, and when asked who is responsible for all this, all’s he can say in his own squeaky little voice is “Me,Me,Me,Me,Me,Me!  The only one who is missing is the Count.  He is still employed at Wall Street, He wasn’t earning enough on Sesami Street to pay for his addiction, so he changed streets.  He is the one percent!!!