Muppets In The Name Of: Occupy Sesame Street Gets Violent

The recent downtown occupation of frustrated, furry creatures protesting the unseen hands and strings that literally control them has become, against all expectations, violent. One wouldn’t think, given their peaceful dedication to teaching children everything from the value of being somebody to the value of the number six. And yet, the police state of Sesame Street has shown them no mercy.

So maybe Muppets are not protesting Wall Street, or Sesame Street, but the #OccupySesameStreet meta-meme—an absurdists’ take with little to say on the state of the actual protest, and yet, a stunningly funny one—was taken to a new level this morning by some very creative photoshoppers at Tauntr, a website we’ve never actually heard of but are now amused by no less. Like this one:

Surely this meme has room to go before being exhausted (seeing as how this reporter has personally witnessed a brief yet substantial Muppet occupation of Williamsburg, perhaps, even possible). B for Bulls On Parade? Andrew Ross Sorkin walking down Sesame Street to ensure that it’s safe for Lloyd Blankfein, perhaps? Either way, the rest of their photos are Tauntr’s site. Do enjoy. | @weareyourfek